Pawtucket Rhode Island

The Rhode Island city of Pawtucket is hailed as the birthplace for America's Industrial Revolution, as it was here in 1793 that English immigrant Samuel Slater built the Slater Mill. This mill, which was the first in America to have a mechanized power system, sits on the Blackstone River in the heart of Pawtucket's downtown district. Slater Mill tops the list when it comes to the Pawtucket attractions, and it's easily among the most significant historic sites in the state. The Blackstone River is also one of the top Pawtucket attractions, and it can be enjoyed any number of ways. Visiting Slater Mill and enjoying the Blackstone River aren't the only things that you can add to your Pawtucket travel itinerary, and there are plenty of attractive destinations within an hour's drive or less, so you might hop in the car for a few side trips.

The city of Pawtucket Rhode Island is found within the boundaries of Providence County, and you can get to Providence in virtually no time at all if you want to check out attractions like Benefit Street and the Roger Williams Park Zoo. Back in Pawtucket, baseball fans can always consider attending a minor league baseball game when in town. When the weather warms up, the Pawtucket Red Sox take to the field at McCoy Stadium, and catching one of the games is a great idea when it comes to things to do in Pawtucket. As for fans of the arts, checking the Arts Exchange events schedule can help you build up your Pawtucket travel itinerary. The Arts Exchange is an arts and education center that can be found in downtown Pawtucket. The building in which the arts center is housed is quite attractive, and it once served as the home for the Rhode Island National Guard and state militia troops. In addition to seeing what's on tap at the Arts Exchange, art enthusiasts who are visiting Pawtucket Rhode Island can also try to align their trips to coincide with the September Arts Festival.

Pawtucket Rhode Island is swiftly becoming a center for the arts, and it's long been a place that is rich in history. Every year in October, Pawtucket holds its Footsteps in History Preserve America Weekend, which focuses on the history of the Blackstone River Valley. The Slater Mill figures prominently among the Pawtucket attractions during this history festival, as do other old buildings such as the Dagget House. No other house in Pawtucket Rhode Island is older than the Dagget House, and it is especially known for its fascinating collection of antiques. Tours of historic Pawtucket attractions aren't the only tours that you can enjoy during your visit, and you're encouraged to consider the other options as well. Canoeing and kayaking tours on the Blackstone River are good ways to learn about the area while taking in the local flora and fauna, and you can always book a cycling tour as well. Taking to the back roads on a bicycle in the Blackstone River Valley is a joy, as you'll find plenty of great attractions along the way.

Blackstone riverboat tours are popular with visitors who are looking for fun things to add to their Pawtucket travel agendas, and if you're really up for a riverboat adventure, you can always book an overnight stay on the Samuel Slater Canal Boat. Fret not if you are prone to motion sickness, as there are land-based Pawtucket hotels to choose from as well. There is a lot going on in Pawtucket Rhode Island, and even if you don't stay here overnight, it's worth dropping in a for a look when in the area. If you are not driving to Pawtucket, renting a car is a good idea, as it will allow you to explore the Blackstone Valley at your leisure. It will also allow you to head into Providence with ease, and you might even schedule a side trip to Boston since it's only about an hour's drive away.

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