Rhode Island Beach Rentals

There are Rhode Island beach rentals to be had everywhere along the coastline, as well as inland in the Blackstone River Valley near Pawtucket and Providence. Do remember that even the most landlocked city in Rhode Island (Woonsocket) is only about 35 miles from the ocean. In addition to the river, the state has numerous inland ponds that are excellent for fishing. Many of these also have terrific freshwater swimming beaches and excellent vacation facilities. Often, beach rentals in Rhode Island in these areas will be rustic cabins or fishing lodges. Camping is an option here also.

But most people look for a Rhode Island beachfront rental in order to be by the ocean. This state is very small; it is, in fact, the smallest in the United States. It only has just over 1,500 square miles in area, but an amazing amount of coastline at more than 400 miles. Narragansett Bay, which penetrates deep into the state, and all the islands in the bay and offshore are what combine to create this large amount of coastline. This means that even if your Rhode Island beach house is not right on the sand, you are going to be very close to it.

For instance, most of the beaches on Block Island are largely protected from development. But the island is very small and with 17 miles of beaches, just about every Rhode Island beach house is within steps of a beach. Many houses are available as Rhode Island beach rentals here. One of the reasons is that a number of them are owned by part-time residents who come here for their own vacations and rent their properties out for the rest of the season. You will find everything from old farmhouses full of history to cozy little cottages overlooking historic lighthouses.

These are generally the same kinds of beach rentals in Rhode Island that are available on the mainland. However, on the mainland you will find there are more townhouses, apartments, and rather nondescript ranch style and suburban type homes because many of the towns and communities are located along the coast. Local residents here recognize the value of their coastal real estate, and are often happy to rent out their year-round residence during peak tourism times. So, if staying at the trendiest lodging is less important to you than being near the beach and other attractions, these are excellent choices.

Some of the most exclusive Rhode Island beach rentals will be found in Newport. This yachting capital has always been the playground of the wealthy who called their opulent mansions (summer cottages). There are some beach rentals in Rhode Island located here that actually might be called mansions by some. There is everything from large properties that are excellent for family parties and special events like weddings to modest little walk-up studio apartments in larger towns and cities. You will definitely be able to find the Rhode Island beach house that's right for you. But start your research and do your planning as far in advance as possible—the best places go fast.

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