Rhode Island Weddings

You can get married in Rhode Island just about anywhere, as is possible in most states. One of the few requirements is the purchase of a Rhode Island marriage license and this is both inexpensive and quite easy for non-residents. There is no waiting period, and no medical exams are required. Otherwise, for non-residents the only requirement to obtain a Rhode Island marriage license is to purchase it in the town where the ceremony will be held. State residents must purchase it in the bride's town of residence. Once you have your Rhode Island marriage license it is valid for another 90 days.

There are a number of tourist attractions and possible venues for the ceremony in the state that make Rhode Island weddings particularly attractive. These include ceremonies onboard cruises, on pristine beaches, and in the beautiful stately mansions and gardens of Newport. Weddings in Rhode Island at any of these sites will provide you with wonderful scenery and elegant backdrops. When you get married in Rhode Island you will also find that there will be lovely hotels and resorts near the ceremony site (or actually at the ceremony site) that are ideal honeymoon choices.

It is Newport, the yachting capital of the United States, that is the most popular Rhode Island weddings destination. This has been so since 1953 when Jacqueline Bouvier descended the elegant stairs at Hammersmith Farm to wed the young Massachusetts Congressman, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. For a truly memorable occasion, you'll find that some of the famous historic castles and mansions will provide either an indoor or outdoor ceremony and reception venue. Since these mansions provide tours and, often, musical performances, you can combine these events with the ceremony, and treat your guests to a truly unique experience. There are also numerous Newport hotels that provide unique weddings in Rhode Island that can accommodate the entire wedding party as well as a honeymoon suite complete with spas, country club golfing, and boating.

There are gardens and farms that will help you get married in Rhode Island and even the wineries get into the action. Sakonnet, Greenvale, and Newport Vineyards all will assist with the ceremony and reception. At Langworthy Farms in the southwest corner of the state, you can have your ceremony and reception onboard cruises to Block Island. There are even companies that specialize in Rhode Island weddings on one of the state's lovely beaches. They can find the ideal site for you, including charming little seaside chapels, historic lighthouses, and on a secluded stretch of sand.

Weddings in Rhode Island can also occur on a ship. The tiny little state has a very long and scenic coastline, and it is possible to charter yachts with a capacity of as few as fifteen guests to luxurious oceangoing yachts that can accommodate as many as 200 guests. For a bit of history, you can charter classic "rum runner" boats used to ferry outlawed liquor during Prohibition. In addition to motor yachts, there are schooners and luxury sailing ships available. Many of the wedding venues will assist you in booking at least a cruise through Narragansett Bay as part of the great day.

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