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Rhode Island travel can be quite rewarding regardless of the time of year. Because this is a New England state, there are four distinct Rhode Island seasons that will have an impact on your vacations. Winters are cold, and there will be snow. However, the same climatic conditions that make this state excellent for wineries and viticulture mean the state probably has the least severe winters in the northeast with which visitors have to deal.

One of the main reasons people travel to Rhode Island is its coastline, with more than 100 beautiful beaches and plenty of water-related activities. The small state, at only 1,545 square miles in land area, has a very long coastline, more than 400 miles of it. Additionally, virtually all of the coastline directly faces the warm Gulf Stream, and this warmth spreads into Narragansett Bay (a main geographic feature of the state) and over most of the state's land. Winter temperatures rarely drop below zero. Summers are humid, but generally cooler than elsewhere in the Northeast, and the spring and autumn Rhode Island seasons are longer than they are in other New England states.

Fishing and hunting trips to Rhode Island take advantage of overlapping seasons that alternate throughout the year. Some of the most exciting sport fishing species are best during the cooler months, and hunting season for most species begins in the autumn and lasts through spring. While summer is the peak season for most outdoor activities, the cooler Rhode Island seasons (including the dead of winter) are excellent for others, when you can feel virtually alone in the miles and miles of pristine wilderness. Hiking in the winter also includes cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling. Hiking trails and even the golfing links are open for winter sports enthusiasts who travel to Rhode Island for days of invigorating outdoor activities and evenings dining on gourmet food and being pampered at relaxing spas. Rhode Island travel during the winter also provides the opportunity to explore some of the most popular attractions at deeply discounted prices and without the summer crowds. For instance, the elegant mansions of Newport offer many special winter events over the holidays, and they are particularly beautiful after a fresh blanket of snow.

All of the northeast part of the country has wonderful fall foliage, and Rhode Island travel at this time of year is excellent. Camping areas, hiking trails, and drives through the gently rolling hills of the state reveal the brilliant changing of the leaves. It's even possible to do tours of all New England at this time of year. Start your fall foliage trips to Rhode Island for September, and time your trip so you have early October in Massachusetts. Make your way north into New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine by mid-October.

Travel to Rhode Island in the summer and you'll be there during the absolute peak season, with the best weather for beaches, cruises, and other water activities. Even so, it's possible to find great bargains and deals on vacation packages in many areas and at individual properties during this time. Even luxury hotels and resorts offer them. Just do a little research, and don't be shy about asking for discounts.

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