South Carolina

South Carolina has myriad vacation opportunities, and travelers planning a Carolina vacation can include everything from trips to South Carolina beaches to golf vacations and more on their itineraries. Popular towns such as Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head are at the heart of South Carolina tourism. Columbia, the state capital, serves as an exciting place for historical tours, while Charleston remains a charming symbol of the best of the Old South. Fishing, camping and white water rafting trips have also gathered steam as some of the most popular activities for a Carolina vacation.

Many travelers planning Carolina vacations start with Charleston. This delightful city is home to the Charleston Harbor and is the center of much of South Carolina’s cultural life. The Spoleto Festival held each summer is a testament to this fact, drawing South Carolina tourism from around the world to see the incredible theatre, operas and musical performances of Spoleto. Patriots Point and Fort Sumter Monument tours, joined by a boat ride through the Charleston Harbor, are yet another way to experience history in this special South Carolina town. Many of the most popular Charleston hotels are found near the harbor, within walking distance of the Patriots Point Museum.

South Carolina tourism is also popular thanks to two of golf’s most celebrated towns; Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head. Myrtle Beach golf in particular is famous, in large part because the town has more than 120 golf courses, many of which have been designed by famous golfing players and professionals. South Carolina beaches in Myrtle Beach and in Hilton Head are also known throughout the world to be some of the cleanest and nicest beaches in the world. Both Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach offer some incredible South Carolina resorts and a nice range of outdoor activities such as fishing and camping right on the South Carolina beaches.

Columbia, South Carolina’s state capitol may not have South Carolina beaches, but it certainly has history. A walking tour of the downtown historic district will reveal some of the most interesting and oldest buildings in the country, as well as a number of historic Columbia hotels. The state capitol building in particular is a favorite place to visit, in large part because of the fascinating architecture that shapes the structure. The Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia is yet another favorite attraction for tourists.

Among the many things to do in South Carolina, a visit to South Carolina plantations is quite a popular choice. Although many plantations were completely destroyed and burned during the American Civil War, many beautiful homes did survive, and some of them are still occupied by their original families. Gardens and beautiful landscaping combine with plenty of interesting period furniture to create a truly unique experience. Smaller towns such as Aiken, Anderson and Beaufort tend to be places to go for history, with many ancient structures well-maintained so as to offer great opportunities for touring. However tourists choose to enjoy the diverse landscape and people of this great state, travelers should have no trouble finding some interesting things to do in South Carolina.

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