Aiken Hotel

Aiken South Carolina is a great place to go for vacations in South Carolina and particularly well known for the number of horse lovers and horses found in town. The Aiken Triple Crown horse race is held here every March, drawing guests from around the country. As such, the month of March is one of the busiest times for booking an Aiken hotel, so keep this in mind if you plan to travel here during March. Summer is also a busy traveler time for any hotel Aiken features, so book early if you plan to visit a hotel in Aiken SC between March and August. South Carolina hotels in Aiken are characterized in general as historical, and much like Charleston hotels tend away from larger chain companies and toward smaller, privately owned inns.

One popular Aiken hotel is the aptly named Hotel Aiken. Hotel Aiken is found in the heart of downtown and is large by Aiken standards, featuring 70 units. A buffet-style continental breakfast is included in the room rate, which is around $70 for a standard room. This hotel in Aiken SC was first constructed in 1929 as a hotel and has served that function since. With an outdoor pool and on-site salon, this is a good choice among South Carolina hotels in Aiken for travelers looking for a hotel close to restaurants and shopping in town.

Travelers looking for an Aiken hotel with a cozy feel can head for the Briar Patch Bed and Breakfast. With just 2 units, this may be one of the smallest hotels in South Carolina. As you might guess, travelers will need to book space at this hotel in Aiken SC early, as the rooms easily fill up. The charm and appeal of the Briar Patch lies in its proximity to the main racetracks (just a pleasant 2 mile walk away) and polo grounds. The units have been converted from a former horse stable, adding to its appeal to horse lovers or folks in town for the Aiken Triple Crown. Tourists staying here will have their own fireplace, free breakfast and discounted prices on golfing in Aiken.

A slightly larger, yet still historical, hotel in Aiken can be found at the Wilcox Inn, built in 1897. This is considered to be one of the premier South Carolina hotels, with rooms ranging in cost from $175- $500. Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Duke of Windsor and Winston Churchill have all made stays at the Wilcox, and today visitors can, as well. The architecture of this structure is fascinating and one of the best examples of the antebellum South found in Aiken. The hotel features its own restaurant and bar, which are also among the best places to grab a bite to eat in Aiken. Breakfast is included in the cost of the room. In general, travelers will find that booking packages if they plan to be in town for the Triple Crown or to golf will be one of the least expensive ways to find good hotel accommodation, although some of the smallest inns may not offer packages.

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