Flights to South Carolina

Finding flights to South Carolina is often one of the most expensive parts to planning a South Carolina vacation. The Charleston Airport, Myrtle Beach Airport and the Raleigh, North Carolina Airports tend to be the best choices for finding frequent, inexpensive flights to South Carolina. In general, travel to South Carolina will be more expensive between May and August each year, but travelers can still find deals on flights to South Carolina during these times by taking advantage of red-eye flight times or vacation packages.

Flights to South Carolina into the Charleston Airport are a popular choice. Charleston flights can be arranged through Continental, Delta, United, and US Airways. Travelers can also book Charleston flights with Independence Air for local flights. This small airline services the eastern seaboard only and is a great way to find inexpensive flights between Charleston and other eastern cities such as Washington DC and New York. Once you reach the Charleston International Airport on your Charleston flight, downtown is less than 30 minutes away by car, and you should have no trouble quickly checking into your Charleston hotel if you are staying downtown.

The city of Myrtle Beach is yet another popular place for flights to South Carolina and is a major tourist destination for golfing and relaxing on the beach. Flights to Myrtle Beach can be arranged through Continental, Delta, and US Airways. Although flights into the Myrtle Beach tend to be more expensive than flights to South Carolina to some of the state"s larger cities, many travelers choose them because of their convenient location to vacation destinations in Myrtle Beach. Flights to Myrtle Beach will land travelers at the somewhat small Myrtle Beach airport, which is about a 15 minute drive into town.

Columbia, the state capital of South Carolina, also has an airport. Flights into Columbia can be arranged through American and American Eagle, Delta and Delta Connection, and US Airways. Nearby Greenville also has its own airport and although decidedly smaller than Columbia"s, is serviced by Continental, Delta, and US Airways. Of the two, flights into Columbia will generally be the less expensive choice. Once you"ve landed, be sure to check out the state capitol building and the Riverbanks Zoo.

Although South Carolina does have many airports, plenty of travelers also choose to fly into Raleigh, North Carolina. A flight to Raleigh can be arranged through all of the major carries mentioned here. A flight to Raleigh will almost always be less expensive than many flights directly into South Carolina, however travelers will of course need to add on the cost of travel down into South Carolina to the cost of their flight to Raleigh.

All travelers should note that updated rules and regulations for air travel in the United States have slowed the check-in process at many airports. Be sure to keep liquids out of your carry-on luggage to avoid having them confiscated, and it is a good idea to wear shoes that are easy to remove to move through security lines more quickly.

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