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The city of Columbia is a popular place for vacation, not only because of its status as the state capital, but also because there are a number of great things to do in town. The Riverbanks Zoo is one excellent option, as is a trip to the state capitol building in the center of downtown. A nice array of hotels in Columbia South Carolina give travelers a choice between staying right in the center of town or closer to the Columbia Airport, handy for travelers who happen to be flying into South Carolina. Columbia South Carolina hotels can be found in some historical buildings as well as through chain hotels around town.

One popular Columbia SC hotel choice for University parents visiting students or folks in town on business is Adam’s Mark. Adam’s Mark just a few minutes away from the University of South Carolina and happens to be located in the heart of downtown close to the capitol building. Adam’s Mark is one of the pricier hotels in Columbia South Carolina, with room costs ranging between $120 and $160. For folks in town who want to be close to Columbia attractions, however, this is a good choice. The hotel features an indoor swimming pool, a fitness center and a free airport shuttle which will take guests both to and from the Columbia Airport.

For a cozier, more historical stay in one of the many Columbia South Carolina hotels, many travelers choose Claussen’s Inn. Still located close to downtown Columbia, this Columbia SC hotel functions more like a bed and breakfast than a hotel, with just 29 units and breakfast included in the cost of the room. Guests can also sample sherry and wine as they come and go through the lobby, and the inn is still located close to the University of South Carolina. With only a few units, this is one of the trickier hotels in Columbia South Carolina at which to make a reservation in the summer or during important events at the University (such as graduation), so book early if you would like to stay at Claussen’s.

The Whitney Hotel is another great choice among Columbia South Carolina hotels and is located closer to the airport. Rates are under $130 for a room, which includes a buffet style breakfast each morning. The hotel also offers shuttle service to and from the airport and is an all-suite hotel, so each room at this Columbia SC hotel also has its own kitchen with a small refrigerator, coffeemaker and other kitchen amenities. Rooms also feature their own washers and dryers, a unique feature among hotels in Columbia.

As the state capital and one of the largest cities in South Carolina, travelers will have a number of good options among hotels in Columbia. Activities in town can also include side trips to towns such as Spartanburg or Greenville in addition to walking tours of the downtown area, which can be arranged as guided tours, or travelers can simply head off on a walking tour of their own.

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