South Carolina Fishing

South Carolina fishing has long been a traditional part of recreation in the state. Both salt water fishing in South Carolina and bass fishing in South Carolina are mainstays in South Carolina and draw visitors from outside the state each year. Tourist towns such as Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach will have lots of fishing options to choose from for every level of fisherman, but you will still find plenty of great choices in the bigger cities such as Charleston. South Carolina fishing vacations can be arranged through a number of travel companies and will generally combine a chartered boat with overnight hotel accommodation, and often times an out-of-state fishing license.

To obtain a South Carolina fishing permit as a non-resident, travelers will need to decide whether they will be fishing saltwater or lakes. Saltwater permits for non-residents who want an annual license are $35, and these are good for one calendar year. 14-day non-resident saltwater permits are $11, and are the preferred choice for out of towners who want to fish for just a week or so. Freshwater fishing permits are also $35 for an annual pass and $11 for a 14-day pass. Residents of South Carolina can purchase annual fishing permits for $10. To purchase a fishing permit, you can contact the South Carolina Department of Fishing and Game and buy over the phone to have your permit mailed to you, or you can stop by any ranger office or most fishing tackle shops to buy one on the spot in person.

The one exception to the permitting rules for South Carolina fishing is in Hilton Head. Although travelers will still need a fishing permit for freshwater fishing, Hilton Head salt water fishing in South Carolina requires no permit. In an effort to keep the tourists happy and draw them to its shores, Hilton Head allows folks to fish permit-free. Boats can be rented to head out into the open ocean for salt water fishing in South Carolina, or travelers can simply go pier fishing close to land. Salt water fishing in South Carolina is best for catching king mackerel, shark, amberjack and shark in particular.

Myrtle Beach is also a great place for South Carolina fishing. Ocean fishing here will require a permit, so be sure to obtain one before dropping your line in the water. Charter boat rental is particularly popular here at Myrtle Beach. For under $50 per person, travelers can book a space on a charter boat which heads out for 60 miles into the ocean and spends the better part of the day out at sea. There are also a few options for two or three-day trips, which are generally priced at under $200 per person. Myrtle Beach is also a popular choice for fisherman because in addition to fishing, travelers can enjoy golf and all of the many tours and day trips near Myrtle Beach.

Charleston is one of the best places to go for bass fishing in South Carolina. The wide open acreage of Charleston Harbor and its many connecting streams and rivers make this city ideal for freshwater fishing. Visitors can also book chartered boats here in Charleston to hit the open water to fish for bass, flounder, trout and spot-tail fish. Bass fishing in South Carolina is perhaps the most popular of the fishing options, however, in Charleston. Another advantage to freshwater fishing in Charleston is that travelers can enjoy it year round.

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