Georgetown South Carolina

North of Charleston and just to the southeast of Columbia, the city of Georgetown South Carolina continues as one of the oldest towns in the United States. Some consider the town of Georgetown to be the oldest settlement in America; the earliest settlement dates to the early 16th century. Since that time, Georgetown has continued as a thriving, moderately sized town in South Carolina.

The first plans for a more established town were laid in the 1720"s, and to this day the original 4-by-8 block grid remains as the historic district of the town and has maintained the same street names, numbers, and many of the same buildings. For this reason, the historic district is one of the first things travelers see when they visit Georgetown SC on their Georgetown vacations. Walking tours of the historic district are available with tour companies, or travelers can pick up an informational map at the town visitor"s center and plan their own walking tour.

Not only to tourists visit Georgetown SC for historical reasons, but also for the great Georgetown shopping found in town. The Georgetown waterfront is the best place to go for Georgetown shopping and features not only small boutiques with handmade goods, but also larger department stores and outlet malls. Due to the low sales tax on items purchased in Georgetown, Georgetown shopping is popular for out-of-staters who want to purchase big ticket items such as furniture or electronics to take back home. The Harborwalk Marina, in particular is a good place to visit for a Georgetown vacation spent shopping.

Another great activity for travelers who visit Georgetown SC is a canoeing or kayaking trip through Kensington Gardens. The Georgetown harbor is a perfect Georgetown vacation spot, offering protected waters which are perfect for family boating trips. In addition to renting a canoe or kayak, travelers can also take trips on charted boats through the Georgetown Harbor, including dinner cruises. The Carolina Rover and the Jolly Rover are the two main ships making trips through the harbor, and costs are around $25 per person.

Travelers can also take time during their Georgetown vacations to visit some of the southern plantations found close to town. Although Georgetown itself suffered greatly during the American Civil War and many of its buildings were burned and farms destroyed, some plantations did survive. The Wedgefield Plantation is an example of one that did survive, and folks cannot only tour the plantation, but play golf at the adjacent golf course which is one of the nicest in or around Georgetown.

Another side trip from Georgetown for vacationers is a trip about 30 minutes north by car to Myrtle Beach, where warm sandy beaches and over 120 golf courses await visitors. Georgetown hotels are available for travelers and many of the most popular are located downtown in the historic district.

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