Myrtle Beach Beaches

Myrtle Beach beaches span over 60 miles along the Atlantic Ocean are considered by many to be some of the most beautiful in the entire world. Perhaps the most distinguishing characteristic of the miles of beach that comprise Myrtle is that the coastline is largely unfettered and uninterrupted, spanning the coast all the way from Little River to Georgetown to the south.

There are plenty of Myrtle Beach public beaches where anyone can enjoy laying out in the sun, playing in the water, and generally just enjoying the good life. What beach where you spend the most time may largely depend upon where you book your hotel. Many of the best hotels are situated right along the water where you will enjoy direct access to a wide variety of water and beach sports and activities. From North Myrtle Beach beaches such as Crescent Beach and Windy Hill to alluring spots in South Myrtle Beach like Surfside Beach and Garden City Beach, the beauty never ends.

Central Myrtle Beach is the location of many of the most popular Myrtle Beach beaches, including Myrtle Beach State Park. There are a host of waterfront accommodations along this stretch of the gorgeous coastline, including luxury hotels, condo rentals, villas, and boutique hotels. There are also tons of restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues along the Myrtle Beach public beaches in this area. It costs under $10 per person (cheaper for children) to spend all day at the each with access to exciting water sports such as rafting, water skiing, and parasailing. The wide selection of attractions in the vicinity also lend to the popularity of this particular part of Myrtle Beach for families. Ripley's Aquarium, Broadway at the Beach, and Family Kingdom are just a few.

North Myrtle Beach beaches are also among the most beautiful in this part of the country. The northern part of the Grand Strand includes gorgeous beaches like Crescent Beach, Windy Hill, Cherry Grove, and Atlantic Beach. These are stunning stretches of coastline where you will find exclusive hotels, fine dining restaurants, and endless shopping and entertainment.

South Myrtle Beach features some beautiful beaches as well. The southern portion of the Grand Strand features standout areas such as Surfside Beach and Garden City Beach. These and other Myrtle Beach public beaches in the vicinity add to the appeal of this popular area where you will also find a huge number of hotels, rentals, condos, and other accommodations. Along the Murrells Inlet Marshwalk, you will find a wonderful selection of fine dining as well as casual restaurants where you can enjoy fresh seafood and a range of other culinary delights.

The Myrtle Beach beaches are as much known for their attractions, whether it is entertainment, dining, or shopping, as they are for their natural beauty. No matter which beach you are staying at, you are sure to have an amazing time. There are plenty of accommodations, but rates for everything go up and availability becomes more of an issue the faster the busy summer tourist season approaches. Whether you are booking an accommodation at one of the North Myrtle Beach beaches or somewhere in the south, be sure to do so in advance to get the best rates.

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