Big M Casino

Big M Casino is one of two primary companies that offer gambling facilities to visitors of Myrtle Beach. Since gambling is not allowed on land, you must enjoy the Las Vegas-style gambling here onboard a luxurious boat on the Atlantic Ocean. The Big M Casino in Myrtle Beach adds another dimension to the already amazing nightlife and entertainment scene that exists in the city. With over 250 golf courses, 60 miles of gorgeous beaches, countless restaurants, clubs, and attractions, being able to gamble in style in Myrtle Beach is just icing on the vacation cake.

The Big M Casino experience includes a six-hour trip through the Little River and into the Atlantic Ocean. You will have the option of playing a range of games, from black jack and roulette, to craps and Texas hold ‘em. The all-you-can-eat buffet will ensure that everyone in your group will be more than happily fed, and you will be able to drink well beverages for absolutely free while you play. This expansive ship features tons of slot machines and offers cash payouts. The food is great, the drinks are free, and there is regular entertainment, whether it is a band or a professional production. The Big M Casino in Myrtle Beach offers a popular evening out in Myrtle Beach, so if you are contemplating making reservations, do so as far in advance as you can.

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