Garden City SC

Garden City SC—also known as Garden City Beach—is both a small unincorporated town and a beach located about eight miles south of Myrtle Beach. Just to the north is the community (and beach) of Surfside Beach. This is the southernmost beach community in Horry County, and actually is located partially within Georgetown County. Part of the history of Myrtle Beach and its surrounding region was the 1954 Hurricane Hazel, which devastated Garden City Beach even worse than the surrounding area; only two houses were left standing in the hurricane’s wake. Today, the area is a lively and beautiful vacation spot.

Among the many things to do in Garden City South Carolina is simply enjoy the beautiful sugar-fine sands of the beach, which stretches for more than two miles. This (along with neighboring Surfside Beach) is one of the most popular beaches along the Grand Strand. These two communities are also well known for the many vacation rentals that are available, making it much more convenient to enjoy the beaches. Garden City SC vacation rentals include upscale luxury condos as well as beach houses and cottages set in the pristine dunes. Many of the condominiums have many of the amenities of resorts, with facilities such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, fitness center, lounge, shopping venues, and dining spots.

Garden City SC boasts a 668-foot long public pier that is considered one of the best fishing piers in the area. Short of deep sea fishing cruises, there is no better Atlantic Ocean fishing than pier fishing. The pier is open seven days a week from early morning until late at night, and is full of anglers all day long. One of the things to do in Garden City South Carolina is simply stroll along the pier and enjoy the views. There is no fee to walk on the pier, though you need to have proper permits and licenses for fishing. There is also a tackle shop, where you can have your photograph taken with your catch, snack bar, and a bar where you can hear live music many evenings during the summer events. This area at the end of the pier also offers a rain shelter in case the weather changes during the day.

Other things to do in Garden City South Carolina include visiting Brookgreen Gardens, which is set right along the town’s southern boundaries, and is the source of the town’s name. The beautiful sculpture garden and wildlife preserve is almost 10,000 acres in area. Brookgreen Gardens contains wonderful walking and hiking trails through several ecosystems, and the prestigious Lowcountry Zoo, which protects numerous indigenous species as well as rare domestic breeds of farm animals that once were part of the rice plantations that thrived here up until the Civil War.

Along the oceanfront bordering Brookgreen Gardens is Huntington Beach State Park. If you don’t want to stay in Garden City Beach hotels or vacation rentals, this lovely coastal park offers camping. There are camp sites for recreational vehicles and motor homes (some sites have sewer hook-ups) as well as tents. There is a fishing jetty, boat ramps, picnic shelters, and hiking trails—all complements to one of the best preserved beach ecosystems on the South Carolina coast.

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