Pawleys Island Hotels

A relaxed attitude seems to be a requirement for anyone living in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. Though the island is only three and half miles in length, it has an incredibly long list of attributes that set it apart from most other South Carolina coastal areas. The slow-paced lifestyle and lack of frenzy on Pawleys Island both illustrate the community's fondness for keeping life low key. Pawleys Island hotels add to the casual, friendly feel with a host of great services and events. It's fitting that this laid-back beach retreat is famous for their hand-made rope hammocks. Many of the accommodations on Pawleys Island are equipped with them, illustrating that relaxation should always come first.

Bordered by swaying sea grass and the warm Atlantic, Litchfield Inn is a classic oceanfront getaway in Pawleys Island and only a short drive from Myrtle Beach. Guests choosing Pawleys Island lodging at the inn can relish in one of the prettiest backdrops on the coast. Suites boast a contemporary tropical feel. They feature hardwood floors or plush carpet throughout, comfortable furnishings, private balconies, and great views. Plantation and ghost tours, oceanfront Huntington Beach State Park, numerous area museums, and plenty of seaside activities are some of the fun things to do in Pawleys Island. Ranking high on the list of top hotels on Pawleys Island, the Litchfield Inn scores well in all areas.

Hotels on Pawleys Island don't compare to Myrtle Beach hotels or other city hotels, but that's definitely a good thing. There is a sense of individuality and uniqueness among Pawleys Island lodging. A lot of thought and consideration goes into amenities for guests, from planning menus full of fresh, local fare to making visitors feel welcome while still respecting everyone's need for privacy. The Hampton Inn on Pawleys Island is an excellent and affordable choice. Most Pawleys Island hotels have an eye for details, and the Hampton Inn is no exception. Comfortable guest rooms, sprawling suites and wheelchair accessible rooms complete the list. Family vacation deals, kids' activities, crib rentals and high chairs establish a very family-friendly hotel.

One of the best things about Pawleys Island hotels are the many nearby attractions to explore. Georgetown is a close drive and full of history and fun. Myrtle Beach is close at hand too, making it easy to include in a day trip. Immediate attractions such as Litchfield Beach, area plantations, world-class golfing facilities, and plenty of seaside recreation paint an exciting picture. Sailing and boating are popular as are fishing charters and tours. Pawleys island Holiday Inn Express offers access to all attractions with an affordable price tag attached. Rooms are spacious and modern and feature one of the most valued amenities in all hotels—comfortable beds! A hot breakfast and short drive to the actual island are extras with Pawleys Island lodging at the Holiday Inn Express.

The hotels on Pawleys Island unfortunately don't usually back the area beaches. The beaches are home to a swell of private vacation rentals geared more for guests with deep pockets. There are a few bed and breakfasts to choose from, which can be a pricey choice and slightly disappointing as they exemplify the island's moniker "arrogantly shabby." If the short distance to the beach isn't a hindrance, staying off the island yet nearby can be the best solution for curious travelers who also want access to a wide variety of dining, shopping, and evening entertainment.

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