Whitewater Rafting in South Carolina

Whitewater rafting in South Carolina is marked by some of the best choices in the country for serious rafters as well as those just looking for a fun afternoon trip. Whitewater rafting in SC is best known for the Chattooga River, which offers a long stretch of waters which are perfect for rafting trips and surrounded on either side by some of the most beautiful natural scenery in South Carolina.

When planning a South Carolina rafting trip, it is a good idea to pack specifically with your rafting trip in mind. If the weather will be chilly or rainy, be sure to bring along wool or neoprene garments wherever possible, including socks, hats and layers. These materials will help to keep you warm as well as keep moisture further away from your skin. On the day of your actual trip for whitewater rafting in South Carolina, be sure to also bring along a change of clothes for after you get out of the water. If the weather will be warm and sunny, a different set of gear is in order for whitewater rafting in SC. South Carolina rafting in the summer is best enjoyed wearing a bathing suit with shorts and a t-shirt over that. If you will be wearing a wetsuit, you will need to only wear the swimming suit and not a layer of cotton. Bring along sunscreen and sunglasses, as well as some kind of string or tie to hold your sunglasses on.

For whitewater rafting in South Carolina along the Chattooga River, travelers will have a wide number of options. Full day, half day and multiple day trips can be booked. The longer trips will combine whitewater rafting in SC with camping along the way. When booking a South Carolina rafting trip for a number of days, be aware that costs of the trip do include your meals, tents for accommodation, instruction and wetsuit gear, so you will not need to bring any of these items on your own. A small pack with necessities such as extra socks and a change of clothing should be a good start when deciding what to pack.

For the highest water levels and thus the most exciting and fast-paced trips for whitewater rafting in South Carolina, head to the Chattooga during spring or early summer. Water levels will be highest at these times. Weather will usually also be a bit colder than during the late summer, so be sure to dress appropriately. Late summer and early fall are the best times to go if you want warm weather or a slower South Carolina rafting experience. The Chattooga River flows past the Whitesides Mountains and through some of South Carolina’s most beautiful natural scenery. Costs for rafting trips range between $50 per person and $300 per person, depending on the length of your trip. Most rafting boats hold 7 people; 6 will be fellow tourists and one will be your rafting guide.

Another popular place for rafting in South Carolina is the Chauga River, found in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, bordering the Sumter National Forest. A stretch of river about 14 miles long offers rafting and kayaking opportunities for travelers. The surrounding forest is a good place for camping, however most rafting trips down the river are just for the day. An afternoon or full day of rafting can be arranged for between $45 and $65 per person, and food is not provided on half-day trips, so be sure to pack some snacks in the car.

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