South Carolina ar REntals

Whether you choose South Carolina car rental, South Carolina train rides or airline travel, there are some good options for transportation to and throughout South Carolina. South Carolina car rental is available in all of the largest cities, including Columbia, Greenville, Myrtle Beach and Charleston South Carolina rental cars. Public transportation in the larger cities of South Carolina is also a convenient way to get around without a car or if you want to avoid parking.

Roads in South Carolina are among some of the nicest in the south, and as such, South Carolina car rental is available throughout the state. If you plan to drive into the state, you will likely find one of the many visitor center found right on the border. All of the major highways in South Carolina have a visitor"s center located at the border to help travelers with maps, directions and other traveler information.

If you plan to take advantage of South Carolina car rental once you enter the state, you will simply need a valid driver"s license from any of the other 49 states in the United States. You will also likely be required to leave a security deposit on a credit card, usually in the amount of about $300. The deposit is refundable and is in place for incidentals or additional charges. One tip for finding the best rates for South Carolina car rental is to rent a car for multiple days. Often, rental car companies will lower the per-day rate for customers who rent for 3 or more days; often these longer rentals are less expensive than renting for just one day. Charleston South Carolina rental cars are available throughout the city. The Charleston Airport is also a handy place to find Charleston South Carolina rental cars and is a convenient location for folks with a flight into South Carolina.

In addition to some expansive car rental options, South Carolina train rides are also a great way to get around the state. Amtrak is the only train company that runs passenger train service through the state, and there are some convenient routes available that will connect passengers with much of the rest of the eastern seaboard. Trips from New York in the north all the way down to Tampa and Miami in the South go right through South Carolina. Cities on the Amtrak route in South Carolina include Camden, Columbia, Denmark, Florence, Yemassee, Spartanburg, Kingstree, Greenville, Charleston and Clemson. Travelers can connect to other cities in South Carolina by taking a Greyhound bus from these stations after their South Carolina train rides. There are also some excellent travel deals available through Amtrak that combine a multiple day trip, food and an overnight sleeping room on the train all for one fee. Train fees are somewhat moderate and often less than the price of gas. Some train packages also include discounts on rental cars once you reach your destination.

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