South Carolina Vacation Rentals

South Carolina vacation rentals provides a great alternative to South Carolina hotels. For groups traveling together or families who want some extra space and privacy, vacation rentals in South Carolina offer a homelike feeling even while on vacation. South Carolina beach rentals and camping cabins are the two most popular options for South Carolina vacation rentals. Travelers can find information about cabins at campsites by checking with the South Carolina Department of Recreation. To book vacation rentals in South Carolina in other areas, contact a travel agent or search online through travel-booking websites.

South Carolina beach rentals in popular Hilton Head are among the most popular choices for vacationers. Hilton Head boasts some of the nicest, cleanest beaches in the world. Golfing, swimming and other fun outdoor activities can be enjoyed in Hilton Head. As a resort town and island, Hilton Head is also the perfect place for souvenir shopping and eating out. Fishing trips, and saltwater fishing trips in particular, are also a great way to spend your time in Hilton Head. Expect to pay at least $1200 per week for South Carolina vacation rentals in Hilton Head. During the summer, which is the Hilton Head busy season, you will need to book your cabin well in advance; two months or more is not too early.

Myrtle Beach is yet another of the most popular places for South Carolina beach rentals. Myrtle Beach is also a great place to enjoy some of the world’s best golfing and premier beaches. Myrtle Beach is also located less than two hours from Charleston, where travelers can enjoy such attractions as the South Carolina Aquarium, the summer Spoleto Festival, and the world famous Patriots Point Museum. If you just want to stay in town at Myrtle Beach, you will still have plenty to do and will be able to enjoy some excellent restaurants. Prices for South Carolina vacations rentals in Myrtle Beach are comparable to vacation rentals in Hilton Head, so expect to pay more than $1,000 per week for a rental.

Vacation rentals in South Carolina can also come in the form of cabins, located at some of the more than 30 state parks found in South Carolina. Cabins at campsites are open year round, and offer a less expensive way to enjoy a waterfront vacation. There are many lakes located throughout South Carolina, and most of the cabins for rent are located near them by design. For a few hundred dollars, travelers can rent a cabin to sleep multiple people for multiple nights. Swimming, fishing, boating and hiking can all be enjoy on a camping trip in South Carolina. All of the above options can also be combined with a larger vacation package, which can include accommodation, costs for activities like golfing or fishing, and even transportation. To book a vacation package which includes a rental, contact a travel agent or try booking online. You will usually get the best deals by booking your trip well in advance or during the off-season (winter).

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