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Whether travelers are planning to arrive by air or they want to save miles on their personal vehicles, South Dakota car rentals are a smart choice for ground transportation to the interesting things to do in this state. Making reservations for a rental car will help make your vacation smoother. Various rental agencies have different requirements, so it’s smart to check ahead to find out about the minimum age for drivers and about other conditions. With a little planning, drivers can make the process of securing South Dakota car rentals simple.

Nearly every national car company is available here for travelers who want to rent a car in South Dakota. Each of the five passenger airports in the state has space for rental car providers, even the smallest regional airports in Watertown and Aberdeen. The capital city, Pierre, is a common place to get South Dakota rental cars, as is the state's biggest airport located in Sioux Falls. Here, three national companies provide service, as does the local Chevrolet dealership.

Those planning on driving around the scenic Badlands and the Black Hills can rent a car in South Dakota when they fly into Rapid City. Half a dozen different companies provide service at the airport. Once travelers get behind the wheel, they will be within 50 miles of some of the most-visited attractions in the state, including the striking Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Every year, many of the travelers who visit the national memorial arrive in South Dakota rental cars.

There are other options to rent a car in South Dakota besides beginning at the airport. National providers have locations away from the airport in the major cities, where travelers can rent a car in South Dakota and get to the state’s many things to do. Travelers can avoid the hassle of airport security, and they may find a rental location closer to their hotels and to the attractions they plan to visit.

Toyota dealerships around the country offer rental car service, and the Mount Rushmore State is no exception. South Dakota rental cars are available at Toyota dealers throughout the state, who provide well-maintained, nonsmoking cars. The program is open to qualified drivers over the age of 21 with a valid license. Other brands also have dealerships offering South Dakota car rentals to vacationers.

Other options for ground transportation include coach service and urban transit. Jefferson Lines provides regular bus service between Rapid City and Sioux Falls, and both of those cities have their own transit systems. In all, more than twenty cities in South Dakota offer public transportation. Trolley service is an option in Rapid City, Sioux Falls, Deadwood, and Pierre.

The Black Hills town of Sturgis is a draw for transportation of another sort: motorcycles. It hosts one of the state's biggest events every August, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, which draws half a million riders and enthusiasts. Of course some of these travelers arrive in South Dakota rental cars. A hog is not required to have some fun. But for those who want to join in the fun on two wheels and have no transpiration of their own, several companies provide motorcycle rentals. EagleRider Motorcycle Rentals has a location in Sturgis, which takes reservations well in advance of the rally. In addition to rentals that are available throughout the year, the company also offers guided tours and specially designed driving tours.

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