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A mostly rural state, South Dakota is an ideal place to head for those who like open spaces and skies, and together with its kindred North Dakota, the landscape is varied and stunning. South Dakota's most famous attraction is the amazing Mt. Rushmore, and in the Badlands and the Black Hills, some pretty alluring landscapes await visitors. You won't get much urban exposure in South Dakota, as its largest city has under 200,000 inhabitants, but you will find active city pursuits if you want them. South Dakota is also a great state in which to find rich Native American culture, and the Sioux Nation provides visitors with the chance to witness their native traditions and interesting artifacts. As for South Dakota hotels, you can often find some good deals on rates, as the state is a very affordable place to travel. There will be occasional offerings for upscale downtown hotels, historic hotels, and bed and breakfasts, and off the major roadways you can expect to find choices for budget hotels in South Dakota. The South Dakota hotels also include resorts, cabin rentals and lodges, so finding the right accommodations where you want to be shouldn't be too hard. If you are driving around the state, be prepared to cover vast stretches with little signs of civilization, so if you begin to tire, you might pick the first hotel you come across. For an alternative to the South Dakota hotels, you can also find a good number of campgrounds throughout the state.

The largest of the South Dakota cities is Sioux Falls, and if you are willing to look a bit, you can often find seasonal packages on the hotels in Sioux Falls SD, which will come in handy for those searching out discount South Dakota lodging. There are a good amount of chain hotels in Sioux Falls SD, some of which have very nice rooms and good amenities. There are also some lower-priced motels in Sioux Falls that are good picks for budget hotels in South Dakota. Several bed and breakfast hotels in Sioux Falls SD offer charming rooms at affordable rates. Guided tours are a good way to learn about Sioux Falls, specifically its historic district, where St. Joseph's Cathedral is located. Just west of the city, the family will get a kick out of the Buffalo Ridge Cowboy Ghost Town, and there are many interesting downtown museums and historic points of interest to visit. Sioux Falls has over 70 parks, where you can find anything from water slides to Japanese Gardens. About 225 miles west of Sioux Falls is the capital city of Pierre, which is also rich in attractions, and good South Dakota hotels. There are tons of recreational activities one can enjoy in and around Pierre, and with the Missouri River passing through, fishing and boating are just two pursuits you might be after. Between Pierre and the adjacent Ft. Pierre, you can really get a taste for the state's history, with attractions like the 1800's Fort Pierre Chouteau trading post and the South Dakota Cultural Heritage Center. The beautiful Capitol Building is also something to check out, and it is open every day of the year. The Pierre hotels allow those seeking budget hotels in South Dakota plenty of choices. There are also various lodges near town that offer some outstanding accommodations.

If you want to explore the Black Hills and visit Mt. Rushmore, then the city you will likely seek temporary residence in is the beautiful Rapid City. Rapid City, which is close to the Montana, Wyoming and Nebraska borders, is an outdoor adventurist's playground, with natural attractions including some of the longest caves in the world, the tallest mountain east of the Rockies, and the Needles granite walls. That's just the tip of the iceberg, and with monuments and world-class museums, you can get your cultural fix. With so much natural beauty around you, and an urban environment to explore, you can imagine that there are some pretty nice choices for Rapid City hotels. With so many big attractions nearby, the list of Rapid City hotels is long, with options ranging from mountain lodges and historic inns, to family hotels and secluded cabins. You can find budget Rapid City hotels, and for discount South Dakota lodging, consider checking out the possible Black Hills vacation packages. Just north of Rapid City is the famous biker town of Sturgis, where every summer in August, thousands of motorcyclists fill the town with Harleys, Hondas and every other make and model. There are predominantly chain hotels and affordable motels and inns in Sturgis. Nearby is the historic frontier town of Deadwood, where the lodging options are many. You can stay at a casino hotel, a resort, a bed and breakfast, a vacation rental, a lodge or a collection of motels and Deadwood hotels. How you want it near Deadwood, you can have it when it comes to accommodations.

In northern South Dakota, close to both the Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Sioux Indian Reservations is the town of Mobridge. Just over 100 miles north of Pierre, Mobridge is a great city to visit, offering world-class fishing, a historical main street, and some nice area golf courses. Nearby, you can see Sitting Bull's Grave, and the Sacajawea Monument, and learn about Lewis and Clark's travel through the area. The Grand River Casino and Lodge might be one of your choices for Mobridge hotels, or you could stay at a nice bed and breakfast, or opt for an affordable inn. As with many of the other South Dakota destinations, you can often save money by finding discount South Dakota hotels through a vacation package. Off of the major highways in the state, you can generally find budget hotels in South Dakota, with chain brands being the most dominant. There are so many great South Dakota hotels to choose from, and with their affordability, taking a South Dakota vacation doesn't have to break the bank.

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