Tennessee Airports

Tennessee airports will make planning a trip to this Southern state a breeze. While many visitors to Tennessee arrive by car, others choose to arrive by plane and rent a car from the airport. The two biggest airports in the state are Memphis Airport and Nashville International Airport, but there are also smaller airports that might be convenient depending on your vacation itinerary. There is a great deal to discover across the state of Tennessee, including state parks, musical history, Bonnaroo, and the Jack Daniels Distillery. No matter what’s on your itinerary, an airport in Tennessee will be the beginning of a great adventure.

The largest of all Tennessee airports is the Memphis Airport. This modern airport handles more than 5 million passengers per year. Expect modern conveniences at this airport including shopping, dining, currency exchange, and a post office. Transportation from the Memphis Airport is wide ranging. Many travelers choose to rent a car from the Airport and explore Tennessee independently. Alternatively, taxis and shuttles are available that connect the airport to downtown Memphis. If you are only staying briefly, an affordable airport hotel might be a good solution. Travelers will find that airfare varies greatly according to season, where you’re traveling from, and day of travel.

The second-largest of the Tennessee airports is Nashville International Airport, but not by much. This airport handles just under 5 million passengers per year, and a variety of airlines operate out of Nashville including American, Continental, Delta, US Airways, and Southwest. Similar to Memphis Airport, airfare will vary depending on where you’re traveling from and the season. The summer is the most popular time to visit Tennessee, so expect prices to be higher during this period. One way to avoid these price spikes is to book your ticket in advance as early as possible. From Nashville International Airport, it is possible to either rent a car or continue on to downtown with ground transportation like a taxi or shuttle. For quick overnight stays, investigate nearby airport hotels.

There are smaller airports in Tennessee that are worth investigating as well. After the main two airports, the next largest is the airport in Knoxville, McGhee Tyson Airport. Serving almost one million people per year, this airport might be an affordable choice, depending on where you are flying from. It is also worth researching last minute deals to this airport. Don’t expect the same amenities as the Nashville or Memphis Airports, but this airport does still offer commercial service. Other smaller airports include Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport and Tri-Cities Regional Airport that serves Bristol, Johnson, and Kingsport.

The most popular time to visit Tennessee is during the summer, and especially during weekends when music festivals bring large crowds. To avoid these spikes in prices, travel to Tennessee during the spring or fall seasons when the weather is pleasant and crowds are fewer. If budget isn’t your main concern, summer is one of the best times to explore the state parks of Tennessee. Look into renting a cabin, maybe in the fantastic Fall Creek Falls State Park, and spend some quality family time surrounded by fantastic scenery and appealing outdoor activities.

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