Bonnaroo Music Festival
Bonnaroo Music Festival

Bonnaroo is a four-day, multistage music festival that is held on a 700-acre farm in Tennessee. As one of the most popular festivals of the year, the Bonnaroo Music Festival attracts music-lovers from across the country and beyond to a little-known location in Tennessee called Manchester. This event takes place every summer and is a camping festival, meaning guests bring their own tents and stay at the site. Over the course of four days, music fans camp out on this huge farm and enjoy a variety of music on different stages all day and into the evenings. Many music fans attend this festival year after year, and purchase tickets to Bonnaroo the day they become available.

Every June music fans descend on Tennessee for the annual festival, Bonnaroo. This festival began in 2001 and since has grown in both size and success. Tickets to Bonnaroo sell so fast because this festival brings together an extraordinary range of both well-known acts and up-and-coming musicians. The 2010 festival alone featured performances by the Dave Matthews Band, Kings of Leon, Jay-Z, Weezer, and many more. No matter what type of music interests you, there will be more performances at the Bonnaroo Music Festival than you could possibly see in one go. For this reason, many people return to the festival year after year.

Some people are surprised to learn than Bonnaroo also offers more than music. Comedy and cinema is also featured prominently at the festival, and as popularity for Bonnaroo has spread, bigger names have appeared. In 2010, comedians included Conan O’Brien and Margaret Cho. Cinema also offers a break from the traditional music performances over the course of a four-day festival. In the months leading up to the Bonnaroo Music Festival, the list of performers is constantly amended with more and more names. The biggest acts take the stage after dark, with many more acts performing all day long.

Tickets to Bonnaroo cost more than $200 as of 2010. Opinions on this price are mixed. Some people think it is great value, as this ticket price includes all the performances you want to see, along with an area for camping. Since tickets for single concerts can cost this much, it does seem that there is good value in Bonnaroo. On the other hand, the tickets aren’t cheap, and some people might not want to attend the entire festival, but only a day or two. If you are planning on attending the festival, the best thing to do is to fully embrace the four days and plan on getting the best value for your money.

The nearest airports to Bonnaroo are in Nashville and Chattanooga. While many people drive to the festival (to bring their own camping gear and so forth) there is also transportation arranged from the Nashville Airport. Please consult the web site for Bonnaroo to find more details about arranging transportation. The parking lot and campground for the festival opens at 7 am on Thursday, the first day of the festival, to allow people to get their campsites set up early. The first concerts begin on Thursday around 5 pm. All festival goers are asked to vacate the campgrounds by 3pm. There is no better place for such an epic music festival as Tennessee, a state with an incredible reputation for music. Combine your festival experience with a trip to Nashville or Memphis and you will have a summer vacation on your hands you won’t soon forget.

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