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There are so many events happening all year-round in Tennessee it's hard to decide which ones to attend if given the choice! Community spirit thrives in Tennessee cities and most locals have a knack for knowing just how to have and host a fantastic time. Tennessee events range from river celebrations, art exhibitions and state fairs. It seems Tennessee residents will celebrate anything worthy of noting so long-time Tennessee events continue on in traditional style. Something very admirable about Tennessee folk is that they know how to appreciate and celebrate the simple things in life as well as the finer things.

The Chattanooga Riverbend Festival starts off with a bang at the beginning of June and continues on for 9 solid days. This Tennessee festivals highlight is musical performances that range from folk, country, jazz, bluegrass, classic, blues and more with over 540,000 people in attendance. A favorite of Tennessee festivals for those who love fish is the World's Biggest Fish Fry Festival in Paris, Tennessee. Kicking off toward the end of April over 5 tons of catfish is on order to serve thousands of people! Other festival favorites include the Country Dance, the Grand Parade and the Catfish Race.

In a true celebration of culture, the Gatlinburg Scottish Festival and Highland Games is one of the more unique Tennessee festivals happening in mid-May. Gatlinburg hotels fill up quickly as many people from other cities pour in to enjoy the Highland dancing and games, bagpipe competition, haggis hurling and whiskey tasting as well as lots and lots of Scottish cuisine!

One of the best contemporary Tennessee rock festivals out there today is Bonnaroo. Held on a 700-acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee, this is the mother of all Tennessee rock festivals held annually for 4 days in June. An extremely diverse variety of music blankets the farm air including world music, hip hop, jazz, bluegrass, country music, folk, gospel, reggae and more. Running strong for five years straight and showing absolutely no signs of slowing down, Bonnaroo originally focused on jam bands and now focuses more on providing a variety of music for festival goers from all over the world. This Tennessee rock festivals spirit is as undying as the obvious love of music the fans show off when the nearly 100,000 festival goers unite each year.

There are many, many other festivals in Tennessee! The CMA Festival, known formerly as Fan Fair, is a four day music festival happening annually in downtown Nashville. Another of the best-known festivals in Tennessee is Memphis in May and incorporates the Beale Street Music Festival, a barbeque championship cook-off and the Sunset Symphony finale. Memphis Music and Heritage Festival launches in the start of September every year and features performances by local jazz, blues, country, pop and bluegrass artists.

It may seem like music festivals in Tennessee dominate the festival circuit. They do! There are other types of great festivals as well though, like the Nashville Independent Film Festival. The Film Fest showcases, honors and celebrates independent film in the springtime over four days. In Pigeon Forge the yearly Harvest Festival is celebrated from the beginning of September to the end of October and features all the food anyone could ever want!

Festivals in Tennessee are high-energy events! Whenever a Tennessee vacation is planned, there is more than likely at least a few events or festivals happening around the same time. Some Tennessee events and festivals are world famous while other smaller events maintain more of a community feel. Whichever event you decide to participate in there's no doubt that it will be a grand 'ole southern time!

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