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Tennessee fishing has been bringing families together for some quality time throughout this beautiful state. From state parks to the Great Smoky Mountains, lakes to streams, fishing in Tennessee is one of the most popular ways to enjoy the great outdoors. If you’re planning an adventurous vacation, rent a cabin or a campsite and plan on spending your days golfing, hiking, horseback riding, and fishing. Whether you are planning a vacation with friends or want to teach your kids the basics, Norris Lake TN fishing will deliver. Before you cast your line however, there are a few things to know about bass fishing in Tennessee.

There are a few regulations that visitors should be aware of regarding Tennessee fishing. First, it is mandatory that anyone driving a boat have a boating safety certificate. This is similar to a driver’s license, and you must take an exam and pay a fee to obtain the license. If you want to enjoy Norris Lake TN fishing without taking the exam, hire a tour guide who can not only drive the boat, but also reveal insider information on the best local fishing. Another regulation is a fishing license. In order to legally enjoy bass fishing in Tennessee, you must have a permit. This is another benefit of hiring a guide or tour group, who often make all of the necessary arrangements in advance. However, kids under the age of 13 don’t require a permit.

Once all the paperwork for Tennessee fishing is done, it is time to have some fun. There are many fishing destinations to choose from, including ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, and reservoirs. Some places are designed for family fishing, meaning that they are safe and offer the opportunity to catch bass, sunfish, and catfish. In the state of Tennessee, eighteen lakes are operated by the Wildlife Resources Agency and are considered to be family friendly. There are many options beyond these lakes as well, including Great Smoky Mountains fishing. Combine fishing with a day of hiking, swimming, and picnicking for a vacation that your kids won’t soon forget.

Norris Lake TN fishing is one of the most popular in the state. Many fishing enthusiasts choose to rent a cabin along the lake or set up a campsite. A variety of fish can be caught in this lake including striped bass, walleye, spotted bass, and crappie. One of the most popular activities at this lake is night fishing. Fishermen sometimes have much better luck, especially with certain varieties, when they fish at night or before 9 am. If you aren’t catching much during the day, give night fishing a try or hit the lake around dawn. Striped bass and crappie are best caught at night. Fishing is available at Norris Lake from spring through fall, but the popularity of certain fish varies according to the month. If you want to fish one specific type, do your research before you go to make sure it is in season.

Bass fishing in Tennessee is popular across the state. From Tims Ford Lake to Normandy Lake to Woods Reservoir, bass are available in great numbers. It should come as no surprise that seafood is very popular in Tennessee. Whether you cook your catch yourself or head into Memphis or Nashville to try one of their fine restaurants, seafood will definitely feature on the menus of your trip to Tennessee. For a family trip that will build memories of a lifetime, head out into the Great Smoky Mountains with your fishing rod.

Image: Tennessee Dept of Tourist Development

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