Mississippi Riverboat Cruises

Mississippi Riverboat Cruises
Mississippi Riverboat Cruises

Mississippi riverboat cruises are a great way to see more of the Mississippi River when visiting Tennessee. One of the more popular spots enjoy one of the Mississippi riverboat cruises is just across from Mud Island in Memphis. Sightseeing Mississippi riverboat cruises run daily, the ride is roughly 1.5 hours in long and provides great views of the river and the banks.

Mississippi riverboats conveniently sell snacks and drinks on board and do have restrooms on board as well. Memphis Mississippi riverboats offer an array of different cruises along the Mississippi River. Sightseeing cruises, dinner cruises, holiday cruises and private charters are all available for visitors and locals. The most popular are the 90-minute sightseeing cruises which help visitors take a step back into Tennessee history with a comprehensive and interesting narrative of past and present Mississippi River life.

Commerce can still be seen flourishing along the Mississippi just as the cotton industry did so many years ago. The Mississippi River has often been thought of as the backbone in the south providing convenient routes for traders and also for people seeking work to support their families. At one point in history it was easier to jump aboard one of the Mississippi riverboats than to take any other mode of transport.

A riverboat cruise provides the only way in which to experience the river era of the Native Americans , river boatmen, and explorers such as the infamous Mark Twain. Highlights of the Civil war hostilities and the history of the delta and bluffs of the Mississippi River are told throughout the cruises narrative.

Mississippi riverboats begin cruises after New Year's day and seize operations before the last couple of weeks of the year. While aboard a Mississippi riverboat cruise visitors will be educated about the history of the four bridges that cross the river at Memphis, which are some of the oldest on the lower part of the river. Tom Lee's heroic story is told and visitors learn why the Memphis in May Festival is proudly named after him.

If opting to take a Mississippi riverboat cruise in Memphis than Memphis Riverboats will likely be the guide. Their boats have secure, enclosed decks which make it easy to get as close to the water as possible. The decks are also where the meals are served for the dinner cruises. Reservations are not needed for the daytime sightseeing cruises but for dinner cruises or charters reservation are highly recommended. Memphis Riverboats operate Monday to Wednesday from 9am to 5pm, Thursday to Saturday from 9am to 7:30pm and Sunday 11am to 7:30pm.

Memphis Riverboats also offer Evening Music cruises that are 2.5 hours long and a really fun way to enjoy an evening cruising down the historical Mississippi River. Christmas cruises are also offered as well as Valentine's day cruises and an exciting fireworks cruise. Rates for the special cruises vary for each event. Sightseeing cruises are $50.00 for adults, $48.00 for seniors, $30.00 for 4-17 and free for children under 3 but they still do need a ticket so don't forget! Prices can vary so be sure to confirm before purchasing tickets.

A Mississippi riverboat cruise is one of the best ways to get an idea of what life was like in Tennessee along the river so many years ago. The river was especially important in cotton trading as well as the birth of blues music. While cruising down the river visitors can almost imagine the sound of the musicians sitting along the foundation of Memphis belting out blues tunes and strumming their beloved guitars.

Top image: Numinosity (Gary J Wood) (flickr), CC BY-SA 2.0

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