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Mud Island sounds more like a place visitors might want to avoid rather than flock to! Luckily that isn't the case with Mud Island in Memphis Tennessee. Mud Island is a great place to take kids and has lots of fun events happening. With 5,000 seats ascending up the bank of the Island Mud Island River Park Amphitheater hosts concerts from a venue set right near the infamous Mississippi River. The brilliant Memphis skyline dominates the beautiful view as warm breezes and music fill the evening air with stars twinkling overhead.

Visitors can experience the river first hand and get some exercise at the same time around Mud Island River Park with the many things to do. Canoes, kayaks, pedal boats and bicycles are all available to rent. Explore the river on the water and check out the model of the Gulf of Mexico or grab some bicycles and take a tour of the island on dry land and venture off the island to downtown Memphis to explore other sights. Mud Island River Park has a lot going on and choosing a mode of transportation, or more than one, can be a great way to explore the island and the river.

Right by Mud Island Memphis the Memphis Yacht Club is nestled in by the river and was established their in 1902. The marina is the only place for 200 miles in each direction at this spot on the Mississippi where larger boats can come in to refuel. The Mud Island Memphis Marina offers boat slip rentals, both uncovered and covered for houseboats, cruisers, fishing boats, pontoons and ski boats. Staying on a houseboat eliminates having to stay in Memphis hotels and is a great way to more of the Mississippi.

At Mud Island Memphis River Park visitors can hop aboard the monorail and get great views of Mud Island River Park, the Mississippi River and downtown Memphis all in one shot. The Swiss-made monorail takes riders across the harbor to Mud Island Memphis at a speed of 7 miles per hour and each cabin carries up to 180 passengers along a 1/3 mile tour.

There are Mud Island events happening on and off at the Mississippi River Museum. There is a Changing Exhibit Gallery that switches up the temporary exhibits which represent topics relating to the Mississippi River Valley and features some extremely talented artists.

Another of the interesting Mud Island events to experience is the River Walk. At Mud Island there is a 5-block long replica of the Mississippi River. Every 30' step along the Mississippi replica represents a mile of the actual river. Along the tour up the river significant historical events are revisited and geographical transformations along the river are also included in the tour. This "1,000" mile sojourn finishes at the Gulf of Mexico which is a one acre enclosure that holds 1.3 million gallons of water and can be explored via river craft as well. Pedal boats are the most popular vehicle with which to cruise around the Gulf area and take in scenic views of the skyline.

The most exciting of Mud Island events can be concerts at the Amphitheater depending on who's scheduled to play. Make sure to check the schedule of events when visiting so as not to miss a great concert at this unique venue. Concerts and activities at Mud Island vary so check with the visitors booth for current rates.

Many visitors aren't really sure what to expect when it comes to Mud Island but most people give the island's river and Gulf replica rave reviews. They offer a surprisingly accurate an interesting account of Mississippi history in a very innovative way. Some attractions nearby include the Pink Palace Museum, Sun Studio and Midtown.When in Memphis have a look around Mud Island and be sure to cruise around the river and relax in a boat rental and enjoy the terrific views.

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