Adventure Science Center

For a family-friendly vacation in Nashville, you might want to consider visiting the Adventure Science Center, a science museum aimed at getting kids to enjoy hands-on learning. The Nashville Science Center offers many exhibits and activities to keep young minds and hands active and amused. The museum is divided up into different sections for easier browsing, from the five senses, to outer space, to dinosaurs, to adventure sports and more. And if you're looking to go to a planetarium in Nashville, the Science Center is the place.

One of the mainstays of the Adventure Science Center's exhibits is the Adventure Tower, a science playground where kids climb up a tower with many hands-on activities on the way. The Adventure Tower also has an unparalleled view of Nashville from the top. The BlueMax ride is another popular attraction. For an additional fee, kids can pilot their own simulated plane, capable of 360-degree turns as the rider participates in aerial acrobatics, flight training, and more. Another popular exhibit is in the Health section, where kids can climb through the ventricles of a gigantic beating heart.

The Nashville Science Center is also home to the newest planetarium in Nashville, the Sudekum Planetarium. The planetarium features several shows about the constellations in the sky over Nashville, the planets, and at certain times of year, a laser show program that combines laser lights with special effects in a variety of differently-themed shows.

Kids of all ages will enjoy visiting the Adventure Science Center—older children will learn a lot, while younger ones will still enjoy the hands-on activities and rides. Visiting is one of the best things to do in Nashville if you’re on a family vacation, particularly if you enjoy museums.

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