Nashville Airport

The Nashville airport makes arriving in Music City by air simple. The international airport in Nashville Tennessee accommodates approximately 10 million passengers a year, and there are plenty of flights from around the country. If you want to fly to Nashville, as opposed to driving, you will find affordable options from many different areas of the country and beyond. From the airport it is possible to continue on to Nashville with airport shuttles, public transportation, or a rental car. The airport will be only the beginning of an adventurous trip full of live music, excellent dining, and great opportunities to learn about local history.

Nashville Airport first opened in 1937 under the name Berry Field. This airport was used during World War II as a base from which planes were sent overseas. In 1961, a much larger terminal was opened to accommodate increasing tourist interest in Nashville, and today, the international airport in Nashville Tennessee receives flights from across the country and Canada every day. Some cities with direct service to Nashville are Toronto, LA, Miami, New York, Atlanta, Memphis, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Charlotte. If you want to fly to Nashville from your hometown, many cities also offer seasonal service. Alternatively, it will be possible to connect to Nashville through many cities.

This airport near Nashville is also committed to supporting the local arts community. Don’t be surprised to see work by local artists when you arrive at Nashville airport. The program is called Arts at the Airport and has been a success both to give the airport a local flavor and to give the artists better exposure. Other features of the airport that travelers will appreciate are the availability of wireless internet (day or monthly passes are available for purchase), shops, restaurants, and financial services. The international airport in Nashville Tennessee also has a convenient web site where you can check the status of flights ahead of time or en route to the airport.

If you want to fly to Nashville, there are many airlines to choose from. American Airlines, American Eagle, Continental, Delta, Southwest, United, US Airways, and Air Canada all offer service to Nashville, as do several other carriers. Fares will vary throughout the year depending on your city of origin and desired time of travel. The most popular time of year to visit Nashville is in the summer months, so during this time period, potential travelers might see a spike in prices. If you want to avoid these peak prices, make your reservations as far in advance as possible or choose to travel during the pleasant shoulder season of the spring or fall months.

There are many choices for ground transportation at Nashville Airport. Some visitors choose to rent a car, which is a good option especially if you plan on exploring the attractions outside of the center of Nashville. Other choices include the airport shuttle, city buses, taxis, or even a limousine. Some hotels also offer shuttles from the airport. This convenience lures many travelers to book with these or airport hotels instead of privately owned bed and breakfasts, for example. Visitors will find all of the modern convenience they will need at the Nashville airport.

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