Carter House

Carter House is a historic landmark that commemorates the Carter Family, who fought in the Civil War in one of the bloodiest battles in the war, the Battle of Franklin. This red brick house with several outbuildings was built by Fountain Branch Carter in the 1830s. In 1864, the Federal troops occupied the Carter House while the Carter family found refuge in the basement of the house. The Confederate troops, under the command of General John Bell Hood, attempted to retake the Carter estate and attacked the heavily fortified Federal troops.

The Carter House was retaken with a heavy price in casualties right from the start, and resulted in a bloody five hours of battle. During the Battle of Franklin, which occurred in the town of Franklin, outside Nashville, Captain Tod Carter, the son of Fountain Branch Carter, was mortally wounded and died later in his family home. Finally, at midnight, the Federal troops withdrew to Nashville, though they had suffered fewer casualties than the Confederates.

Today the Carter house is dedicated to all Americans who fought in the Battle of Franklin. Visitors can tour this historic landmark and see the scars of the battle that remain upon the buildings. It’s a nice complement to a trip through Franklin to learn about the history of the town, and the Franklin hotels offer plenty of places to stay.

Another historic site of the Battle of Franklin is the Lotz House museum, which is located close to the Carter House, as Johann Albert Lotz had bought the land from Fountain Branch Cater. The Lotz House Museum showcases many antiques and artifacts from the Civil War, and the many details in the interior of the house are beautifully and lovingly handcrafted. Guided tours are available with the admission price.

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