Nashville Golf Courses

Nashville golfing is a popular activity almost all year long, thanks to the relatively mild weather in Tennessee. If you want to add some activity to your trip, plan to play golf in Nashville in between checking out the top attractions, attending live music performances, and enjoying the dining scene. There are Nashville golf courses located very close to the city center and even more options are spread in the greater Nashville area. Whether you want to play nine holes near the city or head out into the great outdoors to play eighteen holes, you will be glad you investigated playing golf during your trip to Nashville.

Nashville golfing can be broken down into two categories, public and private courses. It may not be possible to play private courses unless you are invited by a member. During slower seasons, private courses may make certain arrangements in advance, so if there is a private course you’re interested in, give them a call to enquire. On the other hand, you can play a public golf course in Nashville without being a member. These 18-hole options are often just as challenging as the private courses. Some of the most popular private courses are Belle Meade Country Club, Hillwood Country Club, and Richland Country Club.

However, not all the quality golf in Nashville is private. Public courses include Harpeth Valley Golf Center, Nashboro Golf Club, Two Rivers Golf Course, Ted Rhodes Golf Course, and Percy Warner Golf Course. If you plan on visiting these Nashville golf courses, make reservations for a tee time in advance. Visitors who are arriving to Tennessee by car won’t have a problem throwing their clubs in the car, but if you’re arriving by air, you have a few other options. Some golfers prefer to play with their own clubs and pay a special fee to bring sports equipment on the plane. Others feel comfortable renting a set of clubs from a golf course. If you plan on leaving your clubs at home, enquire with the individual courses to make sure they have clubs to rent.

If your main concern for Nashville golfing is proximity to downtown, you have a few options. The closest golf course to Nashville is the Richland Country Club followed by the Belle Meade Country Club. Both of these options are less than five miles from downtown Nashville. The farther you go from the city, the more options you have. If you’re willing to make a day of golf in Nashville, venture away from the city and check out the Vanderbilt Legends Club or Ravenwood Country Club. Greater Nashville is home to an incredible variety of courses—a golfer’s paradise!

Some Nashville golf courses are more than fifteen or twenty miles from downtown but are both challenging and beautiful. Some of these are public courses including Forrest Crossing Golf Course, Hermitage Golf Course, and Riverside Golf Center. Many visitors are often surprised at the vast number of courses that are situated within a 30-mile radius of Nashville. If you’re interested in outdoor activities, fishing is another popular choice for visitors. To relax after your round of golf, make a reservation at one of Nashville’s top spas.

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