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Nashville museums come in all types, from the kid-friendly Adventure Science Center to high-class art galleries. Most important, a visit to one or more of these attractions will give you a glimpse into life in the past and the importance of Nashville to the culture of America. Nashville has museums to entertain almost any traveler, from the Nashville Country Music Museum to museums housed in beautiful Southern-style houses from the antebellum era, to the Lane Motor Museum, a fine collection of unique cars.

One of the most popular museums in Nashville Tennessee is the Nashville Country Music Museum and Country Music Hall of Fame. Nashville was a key center in the development of country music in America, through the Grand Ole Opry and other outlets, and the museum preserves key artifacts and historical sites related to country music's history. You can visit the historic RCA Studio B, for example, which is one of the most significant recording studios in the United States, where Elvis Presley recorded more than 150 songs. You can also see video presentations, audio recordings, and personal belongings from great country singers of the past.

Many Nashville museums are housed in beautiful historic homes from the antebellum age. Some of the most popular are The Hermitage, which was President Andrew Jackson's residence; the Belle Meade Plantation, which has one of the largest house museums in the area; and Carter House, the site of the bloody Battle of Nashville during the Civil War. Visiting some of the plantation houses will give you a glimpse into life in the past in Tennessee, and you will learn first-hand about many of the significant events of American history.

Some visitors to Nashville may find the Lane Motor Museum (pictured) fascinating. This museum houses an extensive collection of unique automobiles. Many of the cars are creative prototypes of unconventional vehicles, such as micro-cars, three-wheeled cars, cars that are powered by a propeller, as well as amphibious cars that can drive on land or travel through water. Many of these unusual cars originate from Europe. The Lane Motor Museum is housed in the former Sunbeam Bakery, which was built in the 1950s, and the building itself is of some architectural interest as well.

The Nashville Art Museum is also one of the most interesting museums in Nashville Tennessee. This exhibition space is housed in the Art Deco former U.S. Post Office, and its interior is elegantly decorated with marble and other Art Deco era touches. The exhibitions in this museum are constantly changing, so check with the museum ahead of time for a description of current collections. This is one of the best Nashville museums for kids, as there is an excellent program for young people, ArtQuest, where children can create some art of their own.

If you're looking for a free Nashville museum, look no further than the Tennessee State Museum. This is one of the best museums in Nashville Tennessee for learning about Nashville's past. Exhibits cover the settlement of Tennessee from prehistoric times to the present, with excellent collections of artifacts from the Jackson era and the Civil War.

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