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Nashville music will be the heart of any visit to this city in Tennessee. Whether you are taking a stroll along Music Row in Nashville or attending a live concert at Bluebird Café, you will feel the historic and passionate presence of music in this city. But don’t be fooled—Music City Tennessee isn’t only about nightlife. There are a variety of attractions and historical sites with significance to the music industry in Nashville as well. Whether your interest is to hear the latest country act on stage or see where some of the greats got their start, you’ll learn a great deal about the history of music in Nashville.

When many people think of Nashville music they inevitably think of the CMA Music Festival. This annual festival is held every June in downtown Nashville and features some of the top country music acts in the country. Everyone from Rascal Flatts to Martina McBride has played this festival, and it’s one of the most popular country music events in the world. This event is often broadcast in a primetime special as well for all the people who can’t make it to Nashville. While this may be one of the more popular music events today, the history of Music City Tennessee goes much further back than this festival.

Nashville music has been developing its reputation since the 1950s. During this period, musicians, labels, and studios flocked to Nashville as a hotbed of country music. Over several decades, the nightlife scene in Nashville started to reflect this passion about music. Today, on any given night visitors will be surprised at how much live music is on offer in Nashville. From the legendary Bluebird Café where artists such as Garth Brooks got their start to buzzing clubs where you can dance and sing along with up and coming bands, your trip to Music City Tennessee will be full of tunes.

After indulging in the nightlife of Nashville, take the time to see the music sites as well. The most famous is the Country Music Hall of Fame, where you will learn a lot about the history and development of country music and its artists. Continue your history lesson at Grand Ole Opry, where music got its start in Nashville. Another area not to miss is Music Row in Nashville, an area southwest of downtown Nashville that is the center of country music in the city. The areas around Sixteenth and Seventeenth avenues South are known as Music Row in Nashville and are home to record labels, recording studios, and radio networks.

Even if you are planning a trip to Nashville to enjoy the dining, shopping, golfing, or fishing—make time to check out the music scene. Many visitors who don’t think they like country music come back converts after a trip to Nashville. From buzzing nightclubs to laid-back performance spaces, there is music for everyone in Nashville. If you want to experience Nashville at its most authentic, skip the summer months of July and August when crowds descend on the city. The spring and fall months are even more pleasant weather-wise and the crowds have all gone home. This way, you’re sure to snag one of the best seats in the house for a live concert.

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