Nashville theaters have long been known for their variety of concerts, shows and events. At the heart of this bustling city is a desire to enjoy the performing arts, particularly music in Nashville, and from small underground theaters to historic venues, Nashville offers a variety found almost nowhere else. More refined venues, such as the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, and low-key places, such as the Chaffins Barn Dinner Theater, are all what add to the experience of this cultural city. A trip to Nashville would not be complete without taking in one of these exciting shows.

The Nashville Symphony is one of the most famous establishments that the city has to offer. It started off as The Symphony Society in 1920 with a group of music amateurs and professionals interested in bringing the joy of music to the public. The group quickly evolved to form the Nashville Symphony in 1945 and attracted talented musicians from all over the state.

Today, the Symphony Center is located in the heart of Nashville and offers daily tours at 1 pm from the Atrium. Visitors can learn about the development of the Nashville Symphony and the history of the beautiful building in which it is housed today. The shows held at the Symphony include musical performances of classical and jazz music, and all tickets can be purchased either online or at the box office. During the summer, the symphony also performs a variety of community shows with free admission at a few of the parks around the city.

The Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) is also a great place in Nashville to see a variety of shows and concerts. TPAC occupies an entire city block in downtown Nashville and is connected to the Tennessee State Museum and James K. Polk Office Tower. The center is home to four different performance venues: the Andrew Jackson Hall, Andrew Johnson Theater, James K. Polk Theater, and the War Memorial Auditorium. The Tennessee Performing Arts Center hosts a variety of traveling shows, including popular Broadway musicals, in the four venues and is also home to the Nashville Opera, the Nashville Ballet, and the Tennessee Repertory Theater. No matter what type of show you are looking to see, TPAC will certainly have something for your taste. Tickets to any of the shows can be purchased online, at the TPAC box office or at Davis-Kidd Booksellers at The Mall at Green Hills.

Although the big-name theaters are the most popular destinations for visitors to the Music City, there are a variety of other Nashville theaters to discover. If you are looking to enjoy a show along with some quality food, check out Miss Marple's Dinner Theater in Nashville. Miss Marple's showcases local shows while guests enjoy a menu of prime rib, chicken, vegetables and a variety of sides. The theater has a BYOB policy (yes, bring your own booze) and a no-tipping policy. Miss Marple's is the perfect place for a night of relaxation, funny theater and good food.

If you are looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, head to Chaffins Barn Dinner Theater, the second-oldest dinner theater in the nation. There are a variety of shows offered at the two stages at Chaffins and the tickets for both dinner and the show quite reasonable. The shows are held Tuesday through Sunday with the dinner buffet being served at 6:30 and shows beginning at 8 pm. With the variety of shows offered at the numerous Nashville theaters, visitors will never have a dull moment. From the Nashville Symphony to Miss Marple's, there is something for everyone in Music City.

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