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If you’re planning Nashville travel, there are a few key things to know. Savvy travelers can plan affordable Nashville trips and avoid both the crowds and the extreme heat that Tennessee is known for. Nashville tourism is at its height during the summer months, and some might say that this time should be avoided, especially if you’re looking to avoid the Southern heat and humidity. Beyond this crowded season, there are many pleasures to be enjoyed in Nashville all year round. Whether you’re planning a trip to the Country Music Hall of Fame or are looking to indulge in some Southern-style dining, it will pay to know when to go to Nashville.

Nashville travel spikes during the summer months. July and August are also known for their high temperatures, where the daily average can easily hover around 100 degrees. These months coincide with the time kids are off from school and families do most of their traveling. While these months are important to Nashville tourism, the budget traveler will want to avoid visiting during this period. Hotels can be difficult to find and prices shoot up during the summer months. All of the most popular attractions, including museums and the Nashville Zoo, will be crowded. If you don’t mind crowds or love the heat, then Nashville in the summer could be perfect for you!

There’s an exception to every rule however, and there is one reason to plan Nashville travel during the summer. The Country Music Fan Fair is held each June in Nashville, and it is one of the top annual festivals around. Music fans should throw away all the rules about when to go to Nashville if they are interested in attending this festival. In June, Nashville also won’t be as unbearably hot as it often is during July and August. While it is possible to enjoy country music throughout the year in Nashville, this is a special event that country music fans shouldn’t miss because of hotel prices or weather.

Many locals who are asked when to go to Nashville suggest the spring or the fall months. During these months, travelers enjoy the warm days and cool nights of Nashville. Planning ahead for a variety of temperatures will ensure a pleasant visit during these seasons. The city is also known for its sporadic rainshowers, so plan ahead by packing an umbrella and rainproof gear. If you do encounter rain during your trip, there are plenty of indoor attractions to enjoy. Visitors who are blessed with sunshine can enjoy boat tours, fishing, and shopping.

Nashville tourism is at its lowest during the winter. Some travelers may be surprised to learn that winters in Nashville can be quite chilly, with temperatures often staying below freezing during the day. It isn’t unheard of for snow to hit Nashville during the winter months as well. That being said, Nashville is a really charming city to enjoy the weeks leading up to and after the holidays, though you should expect higher prices for hotels during these popular weeks as well. If you want to see Nashville at its best without the crowds, opt for the spring or fall. Travelers who are forced to visit during the summer months, try and see the top sites in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the masses.

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