Norris Lake

Norris Lake in Tennessee is an ideal destination to get away from it all. Book your own vacation rental and spend a blissful vacation fishing, swimming, and boating. When you plan a Norris Lake Tennessee vacation you will be setting aside quality time to spend with loved ones. The great outdoors in Tennessee has been praised for its beauty, and it is an ideal environment for a family adventure or a romantic getaway. There is a Norris Lake vacation rental to suit a variety of budgets, so go ahead and indulge in an outdoors vacation full of horseback riding, jet ski adventures, or days on the golf courses.

There is a great deal of history in the development of Norris Lake. The lake was named after the US Senator from Nebraska George W. Norris. The lake extends more than 70 miles up the Clinch River and more than 50 miles up the Powell River. With 750 miles of coastline, Norris Lake is an ideal location for an outdoor adventure. From water activities to horseback riding, there are many ways to enjoy the great outdoors. By choosing a Norris Lake vacation rental, not only will you enjoy the peaceful environment, but it is also possible to save money on meals and entertainment.

A variety of activities will fill your days during a Norris Lake Tennessee vacation. Fishing is one of the most popular pastimes at Norris Lake, and each year families arrive at the lakes in Tennessee to cast a line and try their luck. Whether you are a fishing enthusiast and bring along your own boat and supplies, or are looking for a tour guide to teach you the basics, fishing will be a fun family activity for everyone. There are many other ways to enjoy the lake as well, including boat trips, jet ski rentals, and water sports. Norris Lake is also ideal for swimming and cooling off on a warm summer day—so remember to bring your bathing suit!

A Norris Lake Tennessee vacation can also be filled with many activities on land. Pack a family picnic and head out for a hike or look into a horseback riding tour. Visit the massive Norris Dam, which was built in 1937, or take a rafting or kayaking trip along one of the nearby rivers. If you’d rather slow the pace down, a Norris Lake vacation rental is the perfect place to relax. Bring along a few books to read, choose a rental with a barbecue to prepare fun family meals, or soak up the sun along the shores of the lake. Prices will be highest in the summer, so if you can travel during the spring or fall, expect to find better value on vacation rentals in these months.

Norris Lake is the perfect place for a little excitement. During the months of June through September, night fishing is especially popular. Head out on the lake to catch bass, crappie, or walleye. During the day, take a hike to Hemlock Bluff, where you will see excellent views over Norris Lake and beyond. History buffs will want to visit the local eighteenth-century grist mill and take a peek around. From hiking trails to museums, canoeing to beautiful wildflowers, Norris Lake offers something for everybody. This lake will convince even the most skeptical travelers that there is much more to Tennessee than the large cities of Memphis and Nashville.

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