Ruby Falls

The journey at Ruby Falls is every bit as important as the destination. The 145-foot waterfall fervently pumps 300 gallons of water per minute into a crystal clear pool making it a breathtaking sight. There is a mile long walk to be taken to and from the Ruby Falls and along the way there are many oddities and wonders to marvel at. Ruby Falls is located in Chattanooga and is one of the great things to do when in the area. The caves can be reached by a driving from Nashville or Knoxville as well and make a great day trip for the family.

Originally the Southern Railroad company had to build a tunnel along the face and other portions of Lookout Mountain where Ruby Falls is located and in doing so the original natural entrance to Ruby Falls was sealed off. An explorer named Leo Lambert has discovered the cave before it was sealed off and hoped to one day reopen it to the public. In 1935, with the help of investors his dream came true and Ruby Falls Tennessee has been toured by millions of visitors since.

The journey begins at the top of a 260-foot glass front elevator that slowly drops you down into the cavern 1120 feet into the mountain. Along the trail there are magnificent mineral formations that have been named over the years such as Elephant's Foot and Angel Wing due to their defining shapes. The glistening white onyx stalagmites make visitors feel as if they're in an ice cave below the ground's surface. Though the seasons outside the cave at Ruby Falls Tennessee change throughout the year the temperature inside the cave remains at a cool 60 degrees all year-round.

The sound at Ruby Falls Tennessee is massive and reaches visitors ears before their eyes are ever laid on them. The ferociously gushing water builds up to a dull roar before the final twist in the trail exhibits the grotto that is home to Ruby Falls Tennessee. Visitors are left in pitch darkness as blackout ensues and dramatic music spills from unseen speakers in the cave. The spectacular Tennessee Ruby Falls are then shown in all their natural glory as visitors gasp at the beauty in front of them.

Creative lighting enhances the Tennessee Ruby Falls and highlights the workings of the water. The lights are actually necessary or visitors would be stumbling around in pitch blackness! A hike all the way around and behind the rapid torrents of water reveals the total beauty of the Tennessee Ruby Falls and visitors must retrace their steps to return back to the entrance. On the way out there is a little tourist shop perfect for souvenirs.

Most of Lookout Mountain is made up of limestone rock and encompasses many unusual geological features that make it the famous spot it is today. Though another part of the cave was once opened to tourists, Ruby Falls TN remains the only cave open today. After a tour don't miss the gorgeous scenic views afforded from the top of the mountain. Tickets for a tour of the falls range from $15.00 for those 13 and older and $7.00 for those 13 and younger. Check prices before buying tickets.

A trip to Ruby Falls TN won't disappoint. These kinds of natural wonders inspire and awe tourists at the same time. Attractions nearby Ruby Falls TN include the Tennessee Aquarium, Cumberland Caverns, the Hunter Museum of American Art and the Southern Belle Riverboat. A tour of the falls and another attraction or two make a perfect and fun outing around Chattanooga.

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