Tennessee State Parks

Tennessee state parks are one of the most significant attractions for travelers to the Volunteer State beyond Memphis and Nashville. Tennessee has a reputation for many things, including great music and nightlife, but also spectacular scenery. If you take the time to plan a trip to the best state park in Tennessee, you might just discover that there is more to Tennessee than Southern hospitality and country music. No matter what you love about the great outdoors, you’ll find it at a state park in Tennessee. Spend a family trip fishing, hiking, swimming, skiing, or white water rafting. The only difficult decision will be which state park to choose, as many of them will come highly recommended by locals and travelers alike.

Montgomery Bell State Park is a favorite in Tennessee. Located in Dickson County, this state park comprises 3,782 acres. While this area was formerly mined for iron ore, Montgomery Bell State Park has begun to recover its wild features. Visitors today will encounter a variety of birds, wildlife, and plants making it an ideal park for quiet hikes and bike rides. If you’re interested in staying overnight in this park, there are a few options including vacation villas, campgrounds, RV sites, group cabins, and an inn. Other popular activities at Montgomery Bell State Park include picnicking, golfing, fishing, and canoeing.

The list of Tennessee state parks can go on and on. Another popular option is David Crockett State Park. Named after one of Tennessee’s most famous residents, this state park also offers a variety of activities to enjoy the Great Outdoors. A paved bicycle trail exposes visitors to all kinds of wildlife. If you want to get out on the water, boat rentals are available. Fishing is permitted year-round and is a popular activity. Lindsey Lake, located in the state park, is a favorite for travelers seeking cabin rentals. These cabins are available to visitors all year long.

The best state park in Tennessee is a highly debatable topic. Some locals might nominate Henry Horton State Park to be at the top of the list. Well-known for its 18-hole championship golf course, this park is great for visitors looking to enjoy nature in a different way. Stretching to 1,140 acres, this park is also home to a variety of cabins, inns, campgrounds, fishing along the Duck River, and more. Located near the Jack Daniels Distillery, it is possible to plan a trip to both attractions in just one day. Combining a visit to Tennessee state parks with other attractions is a great way to get a well-rounded experience of this Southern state.

Another nominee for the best state park in Tennessee is sure to be Fall Creek Falls State Park. This oasis of more than 20,000 acres is a nature-lover’s paradise. Considered one of the most scenic places in the entire country, this state park is home to a variety of spectacular landscapes. Visitors to this state park feast their eyes on gorges, cascades, gurgling streams, and the highest waterfall in the eastern United States. While this is certainly one of the most popular state parks in Tennessee there are still many reasons to visit its smaller neighbors.

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