Texas is the second-largest state in the US, and thanks to its great size, planning a Texas vacation can seem like an endless task. But do not despair; we can guide you through every Texas attraction and Texas tours with ease. However, as for now the compass points to the Lone Star state. This is home to the Alamo, the Dallas Cowboys, the space race at Johnson Space Center and of course that big ball of twine that demands our camera's attention. Travel to Texas, it's time.

Texas first claimed independence in the 1830s after the battle of the Alamo. But Texas changed hands many times. European conquistadors sailed to Texas in search of gold and silver. Instead of a land of riches, Native Americans greeted them. The Europeans established missions, which eventually became the first cities of Texas. The true potential of Texas was not realized until 1901, when oil was struck. Europeans came to find riches, but didn't know it was in the form of black liquid. Ever since then, cities have sprung up quickly to keep up with their busting economics.

Travel to places such as Austin, Dallas, Houston and the popular San Antonio. The most famous destination is the Alamo, which is located in San Antonio. A Texas vacation without the Alamo is like the Louvre Museum without the Mona Lisa. This is the site of one of the most infamous battles in North American history.

From one battle to the other: the space race. The Johnson Space Center is down the road in Houston. This Texas attraction made space travel famous, and is host to many space shuttles and astronauts. This is the one place in the world, where you can come with high expectations and they will constantly deliver you to the moon.

The weather in Texas is mostly sunny all year round. It cools down during the winter, but that doesn't mean you need a winter coat. The summers tend to be hot, but there are water parks around such as Schlitterbahn. This is a very popular Texas tourism spot in the summer. It is the place to cool off and enjoy the sun.

With all the state has, Texas tours offer many shows, educational programs, camps and even sleepovers. Sea world is not the only one of the getaways in Texas for underwater life. The Corpus Christi's Texas State Aquarium is the most extensive aquarium in Texas. True to the Texas theme, this place is immense.

You cannot travel to Texas without visiting America's team, the Dallas Cowboys. They draw fans from all over the country. This is a "tail-gaters" paradise. With all those big steaks and big burgers comes big cookouts and grills. Cheer on the cowboys, and waiting to entertain you at halftime are the famous Dallas cheerleaders.

Put your mark on Texas tours. A Texas vacation has history, metropolis centers, shopping, water parks, aquariums, famous sports teams from baseball to basketball to football and even an accent. Texas is so big, because it demands your attention and it's time to succumb to the Texas attraction.

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