Mount Bonnell

Mount Bonnell is one of the top tourist attractions in Austin Texas, mostly because of the views that it affords of the city and the surrounding Texas Hill Country. One of the highest points in Austin, this tourist spot can be found at 775 feet above sea level, and at its base is located at Lake Austin, only adding to the splendor of the views. Hiking at Mount Bonnell in Austin has been popular since the mid-1800s, and it's not hard to understand why once you arrive. The best time to take in the views is arguably at sunset, though there really isn't a bad time to visit and Mount Bonnell Park hours are relatively extensive so you can visit any time of day.

Mount Bonnell is named after a former Commissioner of Indian Affairs named George Bonnell, who arrived in the Austin area in 1839. This is around the same time that the city of Austin itself started to take shape. In 1939, 100 years after Bonnell arrived in Austin, the land surrounding the mount was dedicated as a park. The park is officially known as Covert Park, in honor of Frank M. Covert, Sr., who donated the land. From the park's main trailhead, visitors can access the trail up to the summit of Mount Bonnell, with the hike up being a relatively easy one. The steps at the start are the most challenging part and do require a certain amount of effort. There aren't a lot of trails to explore when it comes to hiking at Mount Bonnell in Austin, but since the hike up includes an almost 200-foot elevation change, you can expect a good workout.

Many people who climb Mount Bonnell congregate at the pavilion that can be found at the top. From here, it is possible to spot the Downtown Austin skyline in the near distance. At the pavilion, there is an engraved rock that dates back to the park's founding, and those who are planning on hiking at Mount Bonnell in Austin can also check out the site's historical marker. Savoring the excellent views is the main highlight, however, and on most days, the site can be relatively crowded. Should the main site be crowded, there is a trail that leads down towards the river, and it often sees less people. The trail runs along the width of the mount, and on sunny days, the natural overhang that can be found along it provides a shady respite.

Covert Park, or Mount Bonnell Park as it is commonly known, can be found northwest of Downtown Austin between the Bright Leaf State Natural Area and the Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve. For the nature enthusiast, these other attractions are worth pairing with a Mount Bonnell visit. As for the Mount Bonnell Park hours, they are 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Thanks to the fact that the Mount Bonnell Park hours include both the sunrise and sunset hours, whether you want to hop out of bed or sleep in a little, you can still enjoy this park. There is bound to be a lot fewer people enjoying the sunrise, which is worth considering.

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