There are always generous portions of tourist attractions in Dallas, Texas. It doesn't matter if you are a lover of art, barbecues, music, rodeos, sunshine or tall tales, because Dallas has enough to go around for everyone. Dallas signifies the popular image of Texas. It is a major business hub known for its oil and gas, but also for its restaurants and shopping. But it is certainly not just cold hearted business; rather you will be welcomed by the ambiance of integrity. Dallas travel will open you up to the arts without even knowing it from the modern architecture of its buildings to museums at Fair Park. Let your unconscious soak up all of Dallas culture, while you enjoy the sights and sounds of your Dallas vacation.

Dallas Skyline
Dallas Skyline

One of Dallas Texas attractions everyone needs to see is Fair Park. It covers 277-acres of land that is full of art deco buildings, several museums, sporting facilities and amphitheaters. You can spend a whole day here and not come close to seeing it all. Remember, that in the spring and fall, the weather is perfect, so just take a stroll through this park would be a marvelous idea. The Starplex Amphitheater is one of the cities top concert venues. You will see people young and old jamming out to a number of musical bands. The crowds of Fair Park is at its height during the State Fair of Texas. This is at the tail end of the summer the summer, when the temperatures wane.

There are a few museums that may strike a chord of interest, which include the Women's Museum, Hall of State, the African-American Museum and the Age of the Steam Railroad Museum. Other attractions in Dallas you must see are the Sixth Floor Museum, Meadows Museum of Art, the Dallas Zoo, and the Dallas Cowboys stadium. Anyone who takes a Dallas vacation needs to go see the Sixth Floor Museum. It is a preservation of the spot where Lee Harvey Oswald fired his rifle at President Kennedy. It also goes into detail about the life and legacy of John F. Kennedy. Here you will find an overflow of documentary footage and over 400 photos to give you a chance to figure out the true story of that day in 1963.

The Dallas zoo simply needs to be apart of your Dallas vacation. It is the oldest zoo in Texas. It has been around since before the dawn of the industrial revolution in 1888. It has become home to Sumatran tigers and chimpanzees among others, and you can experience these animals while riding on a monorail safari tour.

Other attractions in Dallas to see are the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens and the Old City Park. The Old City Park is a sentiment from late 19th-century that is finished with old western standards like train-depot, general store, church and schoolhouse. It is family oriented and gives the younger siblings the chance to have a showdown with the older ones.

One of the biggest Dallas Texas attractions is shopping. They like to boast that they have more shopping per capita in Dallas than any other city in the United States. If shopping is one of your pastimes, then heaven awaits. One place to visit is the Greenville Avenue that finds its flair in selling vintage clothing, antiques and other funky items.

The last Dallas Texas attractions that will concern you are the restaurants. But have trust in Dallas. If they are going to put all these tourist attractions in one place for people to run around and get tired doing, then rest assured that they are going to have phenomenal food at the end of the day. This way you can have plenty of energy for another day of Dallas travel.

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