Addison Texas

Addison Texas is one of the most attractive Dallas suburbs, especially for those who like shopping and dining out. This commercially successful city of around 14,000 residents has more than 170 restaurants, and shoppers can truly get their fill at the renowned Galleria Dallas. When they're not shopping at the Galleria, shopping enthusiasts who are looking for things to do in Addison can visit any number of other local shops. Addison Texas is also home to more than 20 hotels, so finding a good place to stay shouldn't be hard.

Addison Texas might not be a large city, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in quality. A handful of major corporations, such as Mary Kay Cosmetics and Pizza Hut, have their headquarters here, and this adds to the elevated quality of life. Coincidentally, one of the top attractions in town is the Mary Kay Museum, and it can be found at the company's headquarters. Open from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., the Mary Kay Museum offers insight into the history of the company, and guided tours are available. Anyone looking for fun things to do in Addison can also visit the Cavanaugh Flight Museum. Found at the city's small airport, this fascinating museum is great for anyone who likes planes and flying. As a special perk, visitors to the Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Addison Texas can take a ride in a historic plane!

Visiting museums and doing a lot of shopping are two of the top things to do in Addison. The same can be said about visiting the city's wine bars. The wine bars in Addison Texas have become quite popular over the years, and there are some good ones to choose from. In addition to being good places to sample some food and wine, these wine bars can also be ideal meeting places for groups who are heading to the Water Tower Theatre or The Improv to see a show. The Water Tower Theatre hosts plays and musicals, while The Improv is one of the area's top comedy clubs. Much like the wine bars in Addison Texas, these venues figure among the city's top attractions.

Part of the reason why the Addison wine bars became popular over the years is the fact that they are allowed to offer drinks by the glass. Many of the surrounding municipalities don't permit their dining establishments to serve alcoholic beverages by the glass. The Addison restaurants can also serve alcoholic beverages by the glass, and this is part of the reason why the city is full of places to eat and drink. At the wine bars in Addison Texas, guests can sample various wines by the glass, and when they find one they like, they can then consider buying a whole bottle.

There are more things to do in Addison than you may have originally thought, and something always seems to be going on at Addison Circle Park. This attractive park features more than 350,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space, as well as three main performance venues. Among the major annual events that are held at the park are the Taste Addison Food Festival and the North Texas Jazz Fest. When special events aren't going on at Addison Circle Park, it can make an excellent place to stroll and enjoy some general outdoor recreation.

When day gives way to night in the Dallas area, the fun doesn't stop in Addison. The Addison Texas nightlife is some of the best around, especially since there are a bunch of excellent restaurants and wine bars to visit. As a side note, some of the best bars in town can be found at the city's hotels. At the upscale Intercontinental Dallas Hotel, for example, the lobby bar is a popular place to unwind, especially after the workday comes to an end.

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Addison Texas


Addison Texas is one of the most attractive Dallas suburbs, especially for th...

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