Dallas Car Rentals

Dallas car rentals are most commonly handled at the city's two main airports, as travelers who are flying into town often like to have their own vehicle to rely upon. The fact that the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is spread out over a large area makes having a car a good thing, especially for those who plan on doing a lot of exploring. Connecting Dallas to nearby Fort Worth is Interstate 30, and the drive between the two cities only takes about 30 minutes when traffic is normal. It also doesn't take very long to get from Dallas to all the other great area destinations in a car. Dallas car rentals can even be used to side trips to Austin and other tempting destinations that are found outside of the immediate area.

For travelers who are looking to secure car rentals at Dallas International Airport, no fewer than ten rental car companies have a presence at the Rental Car Center. This center can be found near the south entrance to the airport, and a complimentary shuttle is in place for the ten-minute ride from the terminal. It is possible to arrange car rentals at Dallas International Airport in advance, and travelers can also pick one up without prior arrangements, though be aware sometimes this means higher prices or fewer car options to choose from. Arranging everything in advance is the best option, as it will better ensure that you get the kind of vehicle that you want. If you want to rent a car in Dallas, you can also do so at the smaller Love Field Airport, as it too is home to a number of recognizable chain brands.

For those who are interested in Dallas luxury car rentals, the airport agencies tend to offer some upscale sedans that are attractive options. It is also possible to go through a different agency that specializes in luxury car rentals. While the most luxurious car rentals at Dallas International Airport come in the form of your standard luxury sedan, there are other rental agencies that take it to the next step with Hummers, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and other exotic models. Those who secure Dallas luxury car rentals will likely turn a lot of heads while cruising the Metroplex, though they'll have to fork over a lot of money before they get behind the wheel. They will also usually have to show proof of significant liability insurance.

If you don't choose to go with one of the car rentals at Dallas International Airport, rental agencies can be found throughout the general area, and you usually won't be far from one. Many of the hotels in the area are happy to help their guests with rental cars, and the more upscale lodging establishments also tend to offer luxury car service within a certain radius. Taxis are available as well if you don't feel like driving, and many visitors opt to rent a limo for special occasions.

Unless you already have your transportation covered, Dallas car rentals can almost be a necessity. The city is ideal for side trips, with Fort Worth being just one area city worth dropping in on. Enjoying a gondola ride on a canal is reason enough to drive over to Irving, and Six Flags over Texas in Arlington is bound to be a tempting attraction during the hot summer months. For travelers who decide to secure Dallas luxury car rentals, simply cruising around with no real intended destination can also be very rewarding. The sightseeing opportunities are virtually endless.

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