Dallas Cowboys Stadium

Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas opened on May 27, 2009. The Dallas Cowboys have been playing their games in nearby Irving, Texas, for more than three decades, calling the easily recognizable Texas Stadium their home. Fans of the old venue are happy to know that the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium features one of the characteristics that made the original so unique: the famous retractable roof, which turns an otherwise indoor stadium into an outdoor stadium. While you can bet that the National Football League games will be the main draw at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium, there is plenty more here to make it a worth destination year-round, and plenty of Cowboys Stadium hotels to accommodate the crowds. This place is amazing, to say the least, and it has thus far proved more than worthy of housing one of the country’s most treasured professional sports teams.

Whether you love or hate the Dallas Cowboys, you can’t argue the fact that they are one of the more successful and identifiable teams in the National Football League. Only three teams in the league have five Super Bowl trophies, and the Cowboys are one of them. (The other two teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers and the San Francisco 49ers.) So popular and successful have the Cowboys been, that they are sometimes called “America’s Team.” The famous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are partly to thank for this, and sports fans certainly know who the Cowboy’s owner is. Jerry Jones is certainly one of the most involved professional sports team owners, often leaving his private box during a game to take up residence on the team’s sideline. The name of Jerry World is attached by some to the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium, which cost some $1 billion to build. This stadium is quite large, able to seat perhaps more than 100,000 people for special events, but it will normally accommodate roughly 80,000. Still, the ability to expand the capacity is quite a revolutionary feature for sporting arenas. When no football games are being played, visitors can enjoy the stadium’s Pro Shop, as well as the comprehensive Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame.

Catching a game at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium is a thrill for anyone who enjoys sporting events. The seats here are set up to offer prime views regardless of where you’re sitting, and the some 200 suites are nothing short of spectacular. Fans can enjoy things like immediate replays and players’ biographies on the two giant video screens that will be placed at each end of this new Arlington Texas stadium, and when the weather is nice, you can bet that the retractable roof will be open. The retractable roof at the old Arlington Texas Stadium has become a symbol of sorts for the franchise. It would have hardly been sufficient to leave this cherished feature out of the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium, and this venue has two 63,000 square foot panels that can be opened or closed in just twelve minutes. Another featured aspect of the complex is its End Zone Plazas, which offers more retractable features. The end zone doors that welcome visitors can be opened or closed in about eighteen minutes, and they boast clear glass door panels.

The Dallas Cowboys Stadium is the largest NFL venue to date; you could fit the Statue of Liberty inside the structure, even with the retractable roof closed, and the stadium’s 1,290-foot steel arches are already a recognizable feature on the Arlington horizon. The new Arlington Texas Stadium provides spectators with an unparalleled experience, and those tailgating and hanging out in the immediate parking areas will be able to view large, video-screen images of both pre- and post-game goings-on. “Jerry World” is not only home to NFL games, however. It also hosts an array of college football games, including the Cotton Bowl, which was formerly held in Dallas. Non-sporting events will be held here as well, including big-ticket concerts. Some 30,000 parking spaces are offered in the new Arlington Stadium area, so parking should not be a concern. Getting here will be a breeze as well, as there are at least fourteen different approaches available to those in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington Metroplex. The old Texas Stadium only had 3 main routes in, which often contributed to traffic delays. Arlington benefits from some $270 million in improvements to its highways, which certainly has something to do with its shiny, new stadium. Even if you can’t catch the 2011 Super Bowl here, a regular season game is still a truly impressive spectacle. This Texas Stadium is the envy of the NFL, and fans are likely to be quick to add it to their lists of favorite sports arenas.

Image: Cordey (flickr)
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