Dallas World Aquarium

The Dallas World Aquarium is the best-kept secret in Dallas. It houses some of the most dangerous and exotic underwater life from all over the world. Since Dallas doesn't have easy access to water, it brings the ocean to them. And when Texas says they are going to do something they go to the extreme. They made it big, exotic and made a habitat for endangered species.

This aquarium in Texas features saltwater exhibits that allow you to walk among the marine life in safety. On your tour of the wild life, you will find animals at the top of the food chain. You can see everything from hammerhead sharks to Lionfish. The predator exhibit is thrilling to see the giant teeth in real life. For jaw dropping excitement, the best time to visit is during feeding time. After the raw excitement of the predator exhibit you can stroll through ten 2,000-gallon habitats with marine life from all over the world. The range of locations encompasses marine life from four continents and three oceans. You can pretend to travel to Fiji and spy on the Pink skunk clownfish, Squamosa clams and Lyretail anthias. Go to the Palau section that is showcasing the Moon jellyfish. Or swim over to the Bahamas to see the Porcupine puffer fish. It is amazing how they blow themselves up so much. All that marine life from around the world in one Texas aquarium is ideal educational opportunity for people from Dallas and tourists.

The Dallas World Aquarium serves a very unique service as well. They have created a home for endangered species and they are thriving. Guests can catch a glimpse of a struggling species, and find solace in the fact that they are winning the struggle. This aquarium in Texas has become a leader in breeding of critically endangered Texas species, such as the Texas blind salamander. The Dallas World Aquarium is a wonderful educational opportunity for traveling families, school field trips and people of all ages.

The Texas Aquarium has a large collection of freshwater fish, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. It is a great way to spend an afternoon. And after you have watched the mysterious creatures of the deep you can enjoy the restaurant and café. Stroll around the aquarium in Texas looking at the wondering fish.

It is amazing that a land locked place like Dallas has one the best aquariums to see. It is natural to want what you cannot have, but Dallas went ahead and made it theirs. They even created a safe haven for endangered species. When you think of Dallas your first thought is of cowboys, ranches and cattle. But with the Texas Aquarium it adds a surf and turf element that is more of an attraction than before. It is a place for all different types of people. Dallas is for seafarers and land lovers alike.

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