Fort Worth Zoo

The Fort Worth Zoo has grown and evolved since it first welcomed visitors in 1909. In the beginning, visitors arrived to see a small menagerie with an alligator, a lion, some rabbits, and a few other assorted animals. Now more than a century later, the zoo is home to more than 500 species from around the world, including 42 endangered species that now have a chance to flourish. The zoo, accredited by the American Association of Zoos and Aquariums, consistently appears near the top of top ranked animal parks in the Southwest.

With its humble beginnings safely in the past, the Forth Worth Zoo now welcomes more than 1 million people who come to see the 5,000 animals. Like the animals, the visitors are both Texas natives as well as citizens of the world. After you've found Forth Worth Zoo coupons, made your way to Fort Worth, and stepped through the gate, you'll find an intriguing and interesting place to visit.

With discount Forth Worth Zoo admissions, you'll still have the same experience you would if you paid full price. But now, you have the added benefits of more money in your pocket for some shopping, snacks, or one of the attractions.

Along with seeing the animals, there's adventure waiting next to the Australian Outback with the Tasmanian Tower climbing tower. You also can go for a relaxing ride on the Country Carousel. While most carousels feature circus animals, this one has a Western theme, complete with Appaloosa horses. You can celebrate Texas with a ride on the Yellow Rose Express, which links the Texas Wild! exhibit with the Safari Depot.

Once you've arrived at Texas Wild!, you can get up close to Texas critters at the petting corral. A longhorn calf, corn snakes, and an armadillo are just some of the native animals that you won't soon forget. Texas likes to boast about what makes it special and this exhibit celebrates the fact that Texas has more species than any other state in union. The exhibit closes with a show at the LoneMining Co. Movie House that provides a perspective on the bio-diversity of Texas.

Outside of the Texas exhibit, the Fort Worth Zoo is home to eleven other exhibit areas. As you embark on tours, you'll have the chance to watch dapper penguins at play and see a splash of pink at Flamingo Bay. Mighty cheetahs have a home here, as do colorful parrots and charming meerkats. The Asian Falls exhibit, always one of the favorites, has elephants, white tigers, and some very rare tigers native to Malaysia. With the African Savannah exhibit, you can follow an elevated walkway for a peek at reticulated giraffes, black rhinos, and others savannah animals. One of the biggest collection of reptiles in the world is found here.

You can see these creatures all year because the zoo never closes, even on holidays. Forth Worth Zoo coupons can help you save money no matter when you plan to visit. While the adult admission is not much more than the cost of a meal at a casual restaurant, there are ways to enjoy discount Fort Worth Zoo admissions. The children's rate is discounted, while the youngest visitors (under the age of three) can enter free of charge. On Wednesday, you won't need any Forth Worth Zoo coupons since admission is half price for anyone older than two years old.

During big events like spring break and summer Saturdays, the Safari Shuttle Zoo Trolley helps to ease traffic congestion and parking headaches. The route, with no other stops, takes passengers from the Intermodal Transportation Center to the Fort Worth Zoo. Passengers taking the Trinity Railway Express from Dallas and Arlington will stop right here. Discount Forth Worth Zoo benefits are also found here, because rides on the Safari Shuttle are free.

Fort Worth Zoo

Fort Worth Zoo

The Fort Worth Zoo has grown and evolved since it first welcomed visitors in ...

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