Nasher Sculpture Center

Dallas Nasher Sculpture Museum

Oil tycoons and art sophisticates come one come all to Dallas and share in the Dallas Art. Business by day and museum strolling in the evenings to sooth your mind and sharpen the edges for another day. There are two sides to every sword, and Dallas is right in the middle. It seeks out capitalistic growth, but realizes the world of art is important to refresh the mind and inspire. The Nasher Sculpture Museum is the ideal spot to sit and reflect in a peaceful retreat. The Nasher Collection explores Pre-Columbia art from ancient Latin America.

The Nasher Sculpture Museum is a vision of Ray Nasher to create a "roof-less" museum. The design goal was to create a structure of lasting significance. It would be analogous to art remains from the archaeological sites, and seek to keep that continuity of ancient civilization. This center placed on the ground floor of the metropolis of Dallas, but acts as an oasis from the busy urban center. It is split into two by the indoor gallery and outdoor sculpture garden. There is a seamless flow of space between the galleries and the sculpture garden. In the garden is a variety of foliage embracing the landscape such as, cedar, elm, oak and willow trees. It was a designers dream to create, and now it is a guest's paradise of tranquility.

The Raymond and Patsy Nasher Collection began over 50 years ago. They traveled to Mexico, and became intrigued with Pre-Columbian art and bought their first works. They had humble beginnings, but now they have a sizable collection of ancient Latin America. And they have further expanded their collection to other ethnographic, archaeological works and American modernist works. It is one of the largest collections of Dallas art.

This art museum in Dallas is an excellent way to spend an afternoon to unwind and reflect. Business travelers will find consolation in this peaceful space to get away from the stressful environment of work. The Nasher Sculpture Center can be a therapeutic look at rise and fall of civilizations and how they compare to our own.

Built as a sanctuary from the sounds of the city, but at the same time adds culture to the total fiber of content of Dallas. The Dallas art in this museum also shows a reverence for our Mexican neighbors and the culture that they emit. This art museum in Dallas is special for that reason. It shows the old way of life, while it itself is set in the middle of the modern civilization. The combination of the Nasher Sculpture Museum is smart for the reason that it knows that you can't have all the aggressiveness of business without the inspiring freshness of a work of art.

Once you have soaked up all the knowledge of this art museum in Dallas, then it time to shop and eat a nice restaurant. You are sure to find a friendly face and a warm smile in Dallas. You will feel so refreshed and inspired after visiting the Dallas art: you will be ready to tackle the rest of your tourist endeavors with enthusiasm and vigor. Enjoy the ambiance of the Nasher collection, and then enjoy the excitement that Dallas has to offer from dawn to dusk.

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