Dallas West End Tours

The West End Dallas, Texas is a prime tourist location. Millions of tourist will flock to the Dallas West End each year for its shopping, dining and entertainment. It is an absolutely fun place to be and if you haven't visited West End, you'll want to on your next visit to Dallas.

There is quite a bit of history about the West End Dallas, Texas to speak of. In the 1800’s, it all started with a trading post. In 1872, the Houston and Texas Central railroads came to the town. Anytime a major transit system comes to your town, the people will come. Its popularity began to grow. But the Dallas West End didn't emerge on the international scene until the 1960's when President John F. Kennedy was shot in Dealey Plaza or most remember it as the "grassy knoll". And in the 1970’s the city of Dallas announced that the West End Dallas was a historic landmark. This action froze the buildings in time and today gives it a unique look.

Tourists come to West End Dallas to try to piece the story of that tragic day. They will visit the Sixth Floor Museum, where Lee Harvey Oswald had his lookout and fired the fatal shot. The Dallas tour doesn't end there though. There is also a Conspiracy Museum to discuss the events of that day in 1963. There is quite a lot of speculation about who was involved in the assassination of JFK.

Besides uncovering the relics of a conspiracy theory, there is much to do at the Dallas West End. Locals and tourist alike come to see many exciting events such as live shows. For many they will be very pleased with the shopping available at the West End Dallas Texas. Furthermore, there are a variety of cultural events to attend, and afterwards party the night away at one of the many nightlife destinations. It has become one of the most happening neighborhoods in Dallas. And during the day you'll love walking around the tree lined streets, brick sidewalks and picturesque buildings. It is a great place to be on a warm sunny day. The Dallas tour seems never ending at times, but there will never be a void of things to do and see.

The Dallas West End is just one stop on your Dallas tour, but it is a historic landmark, and a tourist haven. One reason to visit is just for the restaurants. The West End has a great location: It is walking distance to the Dallas World Aquarium and a bus ride to the American Airline Center. You could knock off a whole list of things to do in one day in Dallas, and enjoy every second of it.

So visit the historic district and become apart of a long tradition of West End activities. It has a lot of personality and wants to meet you. Visit the Alliance when you arrive to pick up a pack of information about all the things you want to do. It is a great place to begin your Dallas tour. You will not be disappointed.

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