Texas Events

A Texas tourist has much to see when it comes to unique events and holidays that are celebrated in Texas. Texas celebrates all the holidays that the rest of the United States does, but people in Texas have a few more with their own flair. If you visit Texas at the right time, you are in for an annual treat of enjoyment.

Visit Texas during the months of November and February experience "Texas flags" in Fort Worth. This event displays the history of Texas through thirty antique flags that represent over 100 years of Texas. The flags range from 1836 to 1945. The flags explain the story of Early Texans fighting for freedom. Texas events are numerous as they are interesting such as the Blacksmithing demonstration. You can time travel back to the old days of Texas with local blacksmiths who demonstrate the basics of metallurgy. One of the most popular shows in Texas is the Southwestern Exposition Livestock and Rodeo. This has been attracting locals and the Texas tourist since 1836. It is the world's largest livestock show, and there are also rodeos that you can watch through the day. One of the Texas events you do not want to miss is the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association. It is only two days long, so plan you vacation accordingly. Feel the excitement of the crowd as the gates fly open and the competition begins.

You always have to keep your ear to the grind stone for upcoming musical shows in Texas. They offer all types of different concerts from symphonies to rock concerts. One Festival you do not want to miss is the North Texas Irish Festival in early March. This is a fun adventure for the whole family as you walk or dance amidst Celtic overtones.

There are many annual festivals of Texas such as Charro Days. It is the oldest party in Texas. It is a traditional weeklong Mexican parade. One festival that has become very popular in the last few years is Czhilispiel. This is the best chili and barbecue cook off in the state. The competition is tough, but it is a win win situation for your rapturous taste buds. Your mouth will be burning, your stomach will be full and you will have a big smile on your face. If your forks are still clamoring for more, then go to the Wurstfest for ten days of celebration to sausage. A Texas tourist must visit Texas with a huge appetite for delicious food and enjoyment.

There are plenty of shows; festivals and concerts to see on your getaway to Texas, it is just a matter of which one do you want to see. Texas events are all around the state through the year. These unique events and holidays really make your trip to Texas a memorable one. And who knows, if you have enough fun maybe you will make an annual vacation to Texas.

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