Houston Restaurants

Houston restaurants are located all throughout the city, offer a range of cuisine, and exhibit Houstonians love for food. Houston food has a genuine Southern influence and is as delicious as it is comforting. Downtown Houston restaurants are some of the most popular and feature world-class chefs showing off culinary skills through the latest dishes and concoctions. And even though they enjoy a large part of the industry, in part because of a modern flair and gourmet focus, the Southern side always finds a way of shining through. From downtown Houston to area golf courses and even small mom-and-pop diners, Houston food demonstrates the city’s adaptability, creative edge, and traditional side.

A quick tally of restaurants in Houston draws a list so huge it can take a while to decide where to go. The fundamentals of Southern cuisine are found in an array of Houston restaurants. If it’s your first visit to Houston, be sure to order up some Southern-style ribs and brisket, a popular choice in Houston food. Or try a traditional Southern dish such as deep fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, greens, and cornbread along with a sweet slice of pie or cobbler for dessert. Downtown Houston restaurants are known for incredible dishes that keep up with the global scene, but also for Southern restaurants offering up tried and true down-home favorites.

Many Houston resorts and hotels are famous for their food, and employ top chefs, many of whom adhere to a locally charged menu based on what’s in season. Many kitchens follow this world-wide food trend, which demonstrates an effort to practice sustainable methods. Near main attractions such as Baytown, the Theater District, and Rice Village there are countless choices in dining with plenty of international options. Choose from Japanese, East Indian, Thai, Romanian, Mexican, Tex-Mex, Spanish, and more. There are plenty of bakeries and cafes too, offering up tender baked goods, delectable breakfast foods, and fast but healthy lunches like hearty soups and sandwiches for those on the go.

Soul food is another popular type of food with African American roots. It is a leading choice among many Americans and is known for its heartiness and comfort, like good old home-style cooking. Generally, soul food comprises a large group of foods from traditional African American cuisine, which also has direct influences on a variety of other Southern foods. The term “soul” is thought to have been coined in the sixties when soul was a common descriptive for elements of African American culture. Find fresh and tasty examples like smothered pork chops, red beans and rice, and sweet potato pie at select local Houston restaurants.

Dining in Houston means a choice between a huge array of dishes. Houston restaurants serve up a wealth of international and local dishes from cheap to outright expensive. Throughout the downtown area, not only is there a choice in what you eat, there’s also an option in how you eat. Enjoy low-rise tables at a central Japanese restaurant, sit outside and soak in the nice weather at a sidewalk café, or simply grab a quick bite at a casual pub and sip on a cold pint. With plenty of tourists in Houston, whether for business or pleasure, the weekend only, car free, pedestrian thoroughfare on Main Street is a great place to explore local attractions and enjoy one of the many excellent downtown Houston restaurants.

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