Houston Aquarium

Texas is famous for their aquariums. Texas found its black gold, and now is searching for tourist gold, and it has been realized that their aquariums are it. The Houston aquarium is not only a haven for marine life, but it is also an amusement park decked out with classy restaurants and shopping. If your legs get tired walking around, there is always a cozy bench nearby for people watching. Famed arcade developer, Tilman Fertitta, created a very upscale restaurant where there is a 100,000-gallon tank floor-to-ceiling. It serves as the centerpiece of this simulated underwater lagoon. Imagine you are Jacque Cousteau, but this time explore the tantalizing appetizers, intoxicating entrees and calorie dense dangerous desserts. However, if you are looking for something more low-key the Marina Matinee Café will serve you food in your own private boat. No cooking, no dishwashing, just fine food served to you in the comfort of your own boat. During dinner like the old days of drive-in movie theaters, they will be showing vintage nautical movie clips. While you are relaxing you might want to complete your relaxation with a Mai Tai.

The Houston Aquarium is Houston tourism for young and old. While the parents or grandparents are enjoying a delicious dinner, the kids can enjoy a sleepover birthday party. Come sleep next to your favorite underwater fish. But not too close. This aquarium in Houston offers sleepover birthday parties and regular parties with all the trimmings. It will include the food, the beverages and even the main course—the birthday cake. While the children are running around playing on the carousels, Ferris wheel and the lighthouse dive ride you can sit back and watch one of the best birthdays they will ever have. And put your mind at ease, because although they are having fun on the rides, they can't help but learn about the fish along the way. Throw one party and accomplish two birds with one stone.

Houston tourism is thriving with this Aquarium in the forefront. While you are in town, there are plenty of other destinations to visit, such as the Houston Space Center. Find out what it took to send man to space by studying live footage, broadcasts and technology. Space is the final frontier, but underwater life is not far behind. There are still many untouched areas of our own Earth we haven't found yet. The aquarium in Houston is there to bridge the gap.

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