Houston Space Center

Houston Space Center

You can watch the space video footage, you can look at the moon through a telescope, but the closest you will ever get to the moon is visiting the Houston Space Center. The history of the NASA space exploration began in Houston, and offers a collection of artifacts to sift through. The whole idea surrounding this place is to send you to the moon.

The Houston Space Center is an exploration of the history of space. Questions about space life will be answered such as something as simple as bathing without gravity. The tram tour will take you by the Johnson Space Center Houston to catch a glimpse of the new and exciting action. This Houston attraction is full of artifacts, equipment such as space suits, flight capsules and moon rocks. And if you really want the golden tour, then take a tour to the Houston Space Center control and training facilities. Perhaps you will want to change careers or your kids will start planning theirs after this tour. On this tour you will be allowed to experience a weightless environment in the space environment simulation lab. It is the one place on Earth where you can fly like an eagle.

The space center has an interesting story about its beginnings. All of this space travel and space history and there was no place to tell it. So NASA and the space center converged and created the Manned Space Flight Education Foundation. It is a non-profit organization. The key factor that this organization used was that they called on the experts from Walt Disney to be the design catalyst to give the space center that unique.

The Johnson Space Center Houston can be as hands on a tour as you'd like or just the facts. They all the footage for an awe-inspiring tour, but thing that is unique is that you can be hands on with moon rocks. That is something extraordinary for our day and age. For millions of years humans have looked up at the stars and the moon, but all they could is speculate about what it is like up there. Now you can really experience it. Before you go, it would be a good idea to check out different exhibits that will be occurring in the future.

If you kids are too eager to keep in one place, then send them to Kids Space Place. They will have the option of exploring; experimenting and interacting with the same things astronauts do in space. Allow their imagination to be limitless like the outer reaches of space. Or you can watch them as their creativity beams in their imitations of living on a space station or space shuttle. This attraction in Houston is one to write home about. Postcards will be available at the end of the tour.

You can count on the Johnson Space Center Houston will have the best IMAX in the world. And it's in Texas, so you know its really going to be big. Experience the big bang as if you were there. Visiting the space center is one of the best things to do in Houston is absolutely sure to knock your socks off, and is a must see if you are planning a trip to Texas. People have dreamed of flying for centuries and you can do it here in an antigravity room. The options are limitless.

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